Bunny's Photo Album

The Pond : Part II

Bunny, Jenny, and Shirley
Bunny (front), Jenny, and Shirley

Bunny, Tarra, Jen, and Shirley
Bunny snorkles with Tarra, Jen, and Shirley.

A good soak
Bunny (front), Shirley, and Jen...bob, bob, bobbin' along.

Shirley, Jenny and Bunny
(L-R) Shirley, Jenny, and Bunny at the side of the pond.

Jenny and Bunny
Bun sprays while Jen enjoys the mud

Bunny, Tarra, Jen, and Shirley
Bunny, Jen, and Shirley cooling their heels

Fall 1999

Bunny in the trees
Bunny explores the woods

Bunny and Tarra
A quiet conversation

The girls, Scott, and the dog
(L-R) Tarra, Jenny, Shirley, Bunny and Barbara

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