Bunny's Photo Album

Fall 1999

Bunny and Tarra
Good buddies...Bunny and Tarra

Bunny enjoying an autumn day

Shirley leads the way
Jenny, Bunny, and Shirley
February 2000

It's cold and rainy and I don't want to go outside, so I'm just going to play dress up.
Bunny's "Bonnet"
Bunny creates a new "do" for her head on a cold wintry day at the Sanctuary.

Bunny enjoys her foot soaks
Bunny enjoying her morning foot soaks. Ahhhhh.......

Munchin' and Soakin'When Bunny arrived at the Sanctuary she suffered from painful, infected feet. This condition was chronic but had not gone unnoticed by her keepers at Mesker Park Zoo. They diligently trimmed her nails and pads, but for close to twenty years Bunny's feet were of medical concern.

Today, less than six months after arriving at the Sanctuary, Bunny's feet are much improved. She cooperatively allows her feet to be soaked with apple cider vinegar every day. This lukewarm bath soothes her sore feet and fights the infection. The natural pectin in the apple cider is a wonderful healing agent.

With the exception of two nails, Bunny is experiencing healthy feet for the first time in twenty years.

The spots that you see on Bunny's face and right leg are scars from a condition similar to bed sores.

Over many years Bunny had developed open wounds caused by pressure when she lay down to sleep. Her excess weight on the concrete, a hard surface, caused trauma to the flesh on her cheekbones, elbows and hips.

Now Bunny spends very little time on concrete and when she does it is concrete covered with 1" thick rubber matting. The remainder of her time is spent on natural substrates and grass. The pressure wounds are no longer active and have healed. It could take years for the scars to go away if they ever do.

The Sanctuary has a new scale — "elephant size" — to keep track of our girls' weights. It is an important tool necessary in monitoring good health. So here, for the first time at the Sanctuary, the girls took turns on the scale. First, Bunny gets weighed.

Bunny Wants to Weigh
Bunny pushed past the others to get onto the scale, bringing along her trusty ball.

On the Scale!8600 pounds!

Safety first

In our new barn, safety for both the elephants and the keepers is paramount.
A restraint chute allows the elephants to be weighed safely.

March 2000

Bunny investigates the 4-Wheeler!
I wonder if Carol will let me play with this.....

June 2000

Dr. Steven Scott prepares to take an X-ray
Bunny Gets a Visit from the Veterinarian
Prior to Bunny coming to the Sanctuary, she lost a lower tooth.
Since that time keepers have had to treat a re-occurring abscess.

A portable X-ray machine
A portable X-ray machine was brought to the Sanctuary just for Bunny.

Just like at the Dentist's!
On June 19, Dr. Steven Scott took x-rays of Bunny's chin to determine the problem and a course of action.
Antibiotics were prescribed and Dr. Scott has full confidence that the affected area will clear up quickly.
Bunny seemed to enjoy the attention and stood perfectly still for the x-ray.