A letter received at the Sanctuary dated 4/22/06 ~


Dear Carol and fabulous elephant caretakers,

My name is Kathy Santiago and I am a member of Bunny's "family" from Evansville. I am so glad to see the great job you are doing. I am impressed. I have been impressed since I first found out about your organization. That was when you plead Bunny's cause and prevailed. You convinced the majority of a city ... (population approx. 135,000!), to retire the elephant they loved very much.

Bunny has entertained and bonded with generations of people from Evansville. But she deserves her "retirement" and we wanted her to be around other elephants ... finally. She was alone for a very long time.

Our city made the right choice in letting you care for her and I, for one, am very happy to see her thriving.

Thank you so much,
Katherine Jo Santiago