Delhi's Friends

Delhi's friends have championed her cause and now rejoice in her freedom.
We are pleased to share some of their messages to us about this unprecedented event

A Better Day

If you would like to express your gratitude for USDA's action regarding Delhi please contact:

  • Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture -
  • Bobby Acord, APHIS Administrator -
  • Chester Gipson, Deputy Administrator of Animal Care -

or send a written message to the following address

U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave. S.W., Rm. 200-A
Washington, DC 20250
Fax: 202-720-6314

February 2004

In Celebration of Life
(dedicated to Delhi)

My blessings abound,
Can these be real?
My home in the hills,
Welcoming me?
My chains disappeared,
Playing for me?
My spirit renewed,
Is peace for me?
My keepers are here,
Their love for me?
My sisters smiling,
Trunks up for me?
My world turned topsy,
All this for me?
My blessings are real,
I feel so free!
My rescue most dear,
I can be me!

Barbara Borchardt
El Paso, TX

February 2004

She was a quiet girl, she knew not to complain
After all, it was the only life she'd known.
Living conditions were poor, and always in shackles and chains.
Even in a crowded room - she was alone.

The days turned to months, the months into years.
The food was improper, and the temperatures extreme.
Sometimes she cried, and yes there were tears.
Punished for no reason, or so it would seem.

Her body ached, her skin felt like leather.
Standing was painful as her feet throbbed and burned
This majestic creature became more weathered.
Survival depended on her spirit she learned.

It was terrifying to leave, on that November day
But when the truck stopped, and there were no harsh words,
Soft voices spoke her name "Delhi", reassuring her it was OK
Someday she will join the rest of the herd.

Heaven on Earth she lives now, to her it's all new.
Napping in the sun, warm baths, treats, and toys
Dreaming of the day when Lota comes here too.
No more sorrow for the girls here, TES brings only joy.

Poem written by Lori

January 2004

For the New Girl

Take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.

Through the door and out the gate, down the path we go. Your life begins today, a whole new world for you to know.

The grassy knolls, the sloping hills, the ponds they await you. Days like you have never had, and a peace that you have never known, all there, all brand new.

The special ones are here, ready at your beck and call. They wash, they sweep, they feed you, they care for you all.

Your sisters, you have a few, even though one of them is no longer here to greet you.

But she is near, her hill is not far, she waits for you, to pass her way, to chat, or just stand awhile and be with her and enjoy this wonderful day.

Oh hurry please, your sisters are waiting there, in this new big world that they want to share.

So, take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.

Through the door, and out the gate, and down the path we go. But hurry please, there are things to do, a whole new world just waits for you.

Merilee Newman
Tollhouse, CA
January 2004

December 17, 2003


Now is your time
Your time to live
Your time to be free
Your time to graze
Your time to just be

Now is your time
Your time to heal
Your time to roam
Your time to nap
To have a real home

It hurts to think you could never do these before
It hurts to think how many years you've been sore

Dear Delhi, Stay with us a while
You are deep in my heart and you make everyone smile

A lifetime of waiting just to be free
And not be sold rental property

As old as you are, we still watch you grow
We know very well you're not ready to go

For fifty some years, you did not feel
The love from your fans who will help you heal

You can now feel the fresh grass under you as you lay
November 22 is Independence Day

Congratulations Delhi, We love you so
Stay with us a while, you're not ready to go


November 30, 2003

Dear Carol:

After my initial email to you regarding Delhi I had the whole Thanksgiving weekend to embrace and reflect in the receipt and accomplishment of having the Sanctuary provide a new wonderful home for Delhi.

As you are aware, I wrote to John Cuneo three years ago asking for Lota's freedom and the freedom of others at his facility. To my surprise he wrote me back. I always thought of the return letter as nothing more than a very unenlightened, selfish, abusive person trying his hardest to justify the reason it is ok to do what he does, continue to do it, with no regards to the elephants and animals he abuses. As you know that has never sat well with me. There cetainly are people in that industry I would like to see retired.

One of the most powerful feelings of this past event was that all the work I tried to accomplish on behalf of captive elephants that seemed to not move forward for me, seemed in fact to not be in vain. The confiscation and release of Delhi to the Elephant Sanctuary was the proof of everybody's efforts. There are so many others out there fighting hard for the rights of those who don't have voices. This is of the most amazement to me. It seems that finally after the long battle and fight, the USDA is now getting more aggressive in the rights for those who can't speak. To me that is such an accomplishment for captive elephants and captive animals in general.

I can' t tell you how much I appreciate all that you, Scott and The Elephant Santuary does for these wonderful elephants. I am so excited every time that I read another is coming to join the Sanctuary. It is wonderful. What I hope is that all who are involved in helping The Elephant Sanctuary, and all those who enjoy what The Elephant Sanctuary provides Via its wonderful Website, realize how important it is right now to help with the capital that in needed immediately with all the new arrivals-Tina still needs to have her feet treated daily; Delhi will probably require extensive treatment to help her comfort, improvement, and recovery; Tange and Zula are due to arrive soon; not to mention Flora's arrival.

As a continued supporter of The Elephant Sanctuary, I really hope and pray that all those others out there take a look and try to give extra right now as it is very much needed to accomplish all that is going on currently and in the immediate future. Tomorrow morning first thing -I am going to the company I work for and see if I can get just a little more for the girls at The Elephant Sanctuary.

My best wishes, support, thanks and admiration for all that the Sanctuary has done and is doing for what is so important to all elephants.  It is so nice to know you are there for these magnificent, vanishing creatures.

Richard Rubin

November 29, 2003

Dear Carol,

Now, the rest of the story! Kim and I became elefriends after meeting on LOTA's board. We came up with a plan to bombard every member of Congress with letters, my 500 letters would follow hers after a few weeks time to make an impact.

Painstakingly, she created a database of 500+ Congressmen's addresses which we printed on labels. I created a three-page letter detailing Delhi's chemical burns, Lota's condition, lack of USDA action, demands to ban circus animals, circus factsheets, and photos of now deceased and emaciated Joyce from Hawthorn and other abused elephant photos. I printed 500 copies and was ready to roll when Mother Nature stepped in. Hurricane Isabel knocked my electricity out for 5 days. Not to be deterred, my mother-in-law and I set up a production line. Every night, working by candle light, we folded, stapled, addressed, stamped and sealed letters. Every morning I took a giant bag of 100 letters and deposited our labor of love at the post office. One day I went to the counter to buy more stamps and handed the clerk the giant bag. She asked if they were all the same and I said, "Yes, they are all going to Congress, I'm very unhappy about something". Laughing, she said, "You must really be MAD!"

So it went, until all 500 some letters were mailed. I like to think of these letters as 1000 points of light from Kim and myself, coming out of the darkness into the light. I'd like to think maybe they made a difference for Delhi and will still make a difference for the rest of the captive circus elephants and animals.

Pia and Pam

- Thanks for publishing my letter to Delhi, lots of Lockheed Martin and people in Maryland are pulling for her! If you can use this letter, please do so, I know Kim would agree.

November 28, 2003

Dear Delhi,

Ever since I read and cried about you, you have been in my heart and my prayers, day and night. For seven months, I have worked to get you and LOTA and your friends out of those terrible conditions. Whenever I got tired, I thought of you standing there in your chains and found the strength to keep
writing and mailing those letters.

I told President Bush that we have prisoners right here in the U.S.A, a supposed free country.

When I saw the news you were out, I yelled out to my co-workers, I was so joyous!

You have been blessed finally. You have arrived at the best place on earth. Carol, Scott, the rest of staff, and the herd will love you and take care of you now and forever.

Dear Delhi, I have found my spirit because of you and Lota. I will continue to pray for you until you are healed completely. God Speed Delhi!!


PS. Carol & Scott, thank you for being there for all elephants. God Bless you! Please tell Delhi I love her!

November 27, 2003

Dear Sanctuary Staff,

I cannot express what I am feeling! I noticed this link (about Delhi) on Tina's page. What I found made my heart jump into my throat...Delhi !! I actually double-checked to make sure it was real!! Your sanctuary has brought hope back into my life and now I believe in miracles! I have signed petitions online and have emailed the USDA outraged at the countless violations and animal cruelty and neglect at Hawthorn. I feel as if a door from heaven has opened....I have such faith that Lota is next!! One elephant at a time...they shall all come home and enjoy the love and peace found at the Sanctuary.

Christmas came early this year....thank-you for welcoming Delhi with open arms. You really are Angels.


November 26, 2003


I don't know if you and Scott realize what true life Angels you are. Delhi has been a part of my daily grieving since the day I read about her feet being soaked in formaldehyde. She has been my inspiration as an elephant activist.

The way the Sanctuary staff and volunteers worked endlessly and tirelessly to prepare for Delhi's arrival is the ultimate gift.

I have been bawling for three days now since Delhi is the one story who always dug away at my aching heart. Even worse than that of Lota. Your professional and efficient reaction to the confiscation will hopefully show the USDA they can now follow thru with Lota and more.

I had written letters complaining about Delhi not being confiscated to the White House, the Clintons, every single US Rep and Senator (450+ total) and the USDA. If it weren't for the Sanctuary, Delhi may not have been confiscated since the AWA describes confiscated animals may have nowhere to

Your dedication is an answer to many, many prayers of people and animals.

Thanks to you, I will no longer cry every single night aching for Delhi as I have done for the past eight months. Thank you for relieving me of my pain.

Okay, I'm off! To do some fund raising for precious Delhi's medical bills.

Thanks again!


Ps. Could you give her a big hug for me?