The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Asian Ele-Diary 2005

November 23, 2005 ~ Delhi’s 2nd Anniversary

Can you believe it has been two years since Delhi was confiscated and brought to the Sanctuary? She surprised all of us with her zest for life and remarkable recovery. Thanks to the EleCam, our members have been privy to all of Delhi’s many antics, including her legendary “Granny Dash” and many soccer matches with Scott. When she showed us that even a 60-year-old elephant can scale a fence, all we could do was laugh. She gingerly lifted each of her limber legs, slowly and carefully, over the temporary cable which had been erected to contain her for quarantine. With a mischievous twinkle in her eye she slowly- but effectively - managed to climb over the fence to munch on the tasty grass growing on the other side. These past two years have taught us what an incredible recovery an infirmed elephant can make. Delhi continues to bless us daily.

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October 31, 2005

The morning after Delhi trekked down the mountain and across the pasture, we noticed that her feet appeared to be sore. It is not like Delhi to stay indoors, so we immediately set out to find her some relief. We started with a call to the vet and a homeopathic remedy, followed by a new pair of shoes. Tina continues to bless our lives, and today she blessed Delhi's as well. If it had not been for Tina and her patient cooperation with the entire shoe creation project we would not have had shoes to offer Delhi. Today we reminisced about sweet Tina.

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How Tina Helped

How TEVA Helped


October 28, 2005

Another cold snap — and this time Delhi decided to make the trip back to the barn. What a reunion it was! Sissy, Winkie, and Tarra have all spent a great deal of time with Delhi this summer, visiting her in the pasture and on her mountain. But Jenny, Shirley, and Bunny have been spending time on their own mountain; they have not seen Delhi for weeks.

Everyone, including Bunny, was already in the barn when Grandma Delhi arrived, returning from her summer adventure. Jenny and Shirley were so excited they could not leave her alone. Crowding her from both sides, she was a Delhi sandwich. The affection and vocalizations literally went on for hours.

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October 25, 2005
True to October weather, we have had warm days and balmy nights. But of course that had to change; not permanently, but for a short period of time. This time of year the weather can drop 20 degrees in a matter of hours and then the next day be back up to where it started. It is customary for the elephants to continue to spend 24 hours a day outside during the month of October with the exception of a night or two. Today was the first night that temperatures dropped down into the 30s.

Delhi was determined to ride out the one night of cold weather, but we were not willing to let her brave the cold. When she showed no sign of starting her mile long trek back to the heated barn, we erected a warming tent for her. All she needed was a protective cover to protect her from the moisture and wind (although the wind turned out to be non existent). The smaller the area the better so she would benefit from her own body heat. The tent was not even completed before she wandered over to check it out. She went right in and made herself at home, even lying down around 1:00 a.m. for her beauty rest. She woke refreshed and exited the tent when the sun came up. The next night she slept in the tent again, even though it was not as cold as the night before. It seems she just liked sleeping in the tent.

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October 23, 2005

Today was overcast and a little windy; the temperature was comfortable…for an elephant. Consistent with this time of year, most of the elephants spent the day in the pasture grazing. Long naps were also part of the activity with Jenny and Sissy doing most of the sleeping. While they slept Winkie and Shirley grazed nearby; Tarra and Bella were off on an adventure, Bunny was deep in the woods on the Southeast mountain while Delhi was on her mountain in the opposite direction. Of course Misty was making the best of her quarantine confinement chirping at the caregivers as they drove back and forth on the road out side her corral. All is well in elephant country.

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The Fall colors are breathtaking; adding an elephant or two to the scene… magic! At the end of the day Tarra demonstrates the luxury of free choice access into the heated barn, she and her sisters can come and go when they please.

Free Access


October 17, 2005

Jenny and Shirley are spending time grazing and napping in the Autumn sun. In this series of EleCam captures, viewers are privy to the special bond shared between Jenny and Shirley.

October 11, 2005

Jenny and Shirley are down from the mountain and out in the pasture, grazing away!

Jenny and Shirley, down from the mountain.

September 29, 2005

Bunny, our ever-elusive nature lover is seldom seen by the EleCam during warm weather but now that the weather is beginning to change, so will Bunny’s pattern. You will see Bunny coming down into the pasture much more this time of year. Bunny's loyal zoo following feared she might never acclimate to this life of freedom. To everyone’s delight, Bunny adapted to her new-found freedom immediately. With a full elephant family and abundant habitat to explore, Bunny is indeed one content elephant. To make things even better, she recovered from her debilitating foot disease within 6 months of her arrival in 1999 and has not experienced any foot problems since.

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September 12, 2005

As the years race by, we are forever thankful for each and every elephant that finds her way to the Sanctuary. It is hard to think about what life would be like for these elephants if they had been denied this opportunity. Winkie is such a powerful example of an animal whose actions are shaped so profoundly by her environment. Winkie was actually released to the Sanctuary because no zoo would take her; her reputation was that bad. Even USDA voiced concern about what they referred to as her aggressive nature, fearing that “too much freedom” might be a bad situation. Sadly even some seasoned elephant managers echoed the same sentiment, that Winkie was a dangerous elephant and would only get worse given freedom instead of dominance. Bless her heart, Winkie proved them wrong. More is better in the case of elephants and space. Winkie’s fears took weeks to melt away, but in a short time she was a much different animal than before she arrived. Winkie was the 7th elephant to be released to the Sanctuary and the 7th elephant to prove that freedom of choice and freedom of movement helps to heal the heart and body of a captive elephant.

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September 11, 2005
Today marks nine years since Jenny was released from the shelter outside of Las Vegas and brought to the Sanctuary. She has taught us so much over the years. Her ability to overcome injury and past abuse is extraordinary. Her reunion with Shirley was no less than phenomenal and her zest for life is inspiring. Every day with Jenny is a blessing that we cherish.
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September 10, 2005

With so much suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it feels a bit strange to be heralding joy, but today was just one of those days. Jenny, Shirley Bunny and Tarra have been out of EleCam sight for several months, occupying the hill and habitat in the Southeast section of the Sanctuary. This is the area that Barbara found so alluring. She would spend days on end exploring the hill tops; cutting trails through the then thick underbrush of the recovering clear-cut land. Who would have realized that only a few years after the land was clear-cut and sold to us that it again would support a healthy forest teaming with all kinds of wildlife?
Jenny, Shirley Bunny and Tarra have been in this area exclusively all summer…until yesterday afternoon. What a surprise when one of the caretakers announced that three of the elephants had made their way down the hill and were casually grazing several hundred feet from the barn, the barn they had not seen in months. As you might have guessed, Bunny did not descend the hill with her sisters. Instead she remained in her preferred forest wilderness while the others set out for greener pastures.
The sun set and the fog poured in making it impossible for anyone to see more than a few feet in front of them. Meals on wheels were served by flashlight and even then everyone was engulfed in fog so thick it was hard to tell just how many elephants were present. Due to last night's fog cover, it is reasonable to believe that today was the first opportunity that Sissy and Winkie had to meet up with Jenny and Shirley after all these weeks of separation. Tarra had taken several opportunities to come down to the pasture recently so she, Sis and Winks had shared time together. Sissy was beside herself with excitement when she saw Jenny and Shirley. Swiftly and silently she glided over to them. Trunk touches and caresses were shared by all. Then Winkie joined in and it was as if they had never been apart. Jenny napped as the other grazed and enjoyed each other's company. It is kind of coincidental that Jenny and Shirley chose this time to descend from the forest; perhaps Jenny is expecting a surprise party in honor of her 9 year anniversary which is tomorrow.

September 9, 2005

Sissy calmly grazes as a resident red tail hawk, perched on the tree to the left, takes flight.

Sissy and Hawk


August 29, 2005

As Katrina loomed down on the coastline, weather forecasters turned an eye to other states that were in the path of the storm. Local weather reporters advised that this might be the worst storm in quite a while, warning residents to be prepared.

How do you prepare a herd of captive elephants for such a storm? Seldom do the Asian elephants return to the barn for any reason except cold. They have been through many storms, some intense, and always prefer to remain outdoors, in the woods. One of the concerns expressed for the elephants being outdoors during storms is the possibility that they will be injured by falling objects such as trees.

All we can say is that the elephants seem to know where to be during storms and although accidents definitely can happen, none have. The elephants actually seem more agitated while inside the barn during a storm then outside.

Last night caregivers timed the night feeding to precede the storm. But even with this well-thought-out game plan, the caregiver found herself driving through the habitat fighting heavy winds and rain—but, luckily, no lightening. When she reached the elephants they were calm and undisturbed and ready for their groceries. Each was covered from head to toe with thick gooey mud. Jenny took only a few minutes to eat and then returned to her mud slinging ritual, covering not only herself but also "stander bys" including her caregiver. The worst of the storm passed while the caregiver was feeding the elephants, so they enjoyed the relatively mild storm together.

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August 13, 2005

An EleCam viewer has captured Winkie enjoying a dust bath!

Winkie enjoys a dust bath.


August 11, 2005



Although Tina blessed us with only a brief stay, she won our hearts and will never be forgotten. Her magnetic personality drew hundreds of people to her new home when she moved to the Sanctuary. These people are forever changed, having been touched by Tina’s special gifts. With that charming smile and a twinkle in her eye, she claimed us as her own.

Forever in our hearts, our dear TINA.





August 9, 2005
Today marks one year since Delhi was released from quarantine. Imagine how she feels after fifty years of performing day after day; living in semi trailers, standing on parking lots and cooped up in warehouses, always tethered to the floor. Her only taste of nature was when a storm passed overhead, drenching her and fellow performers as they prepared for the umpteenth show that week with some circus. Fifty years of entertaining the kids whose grandparents were giving the children a taste of an American tradition. Dress 'em up, move 'em out, the show must go on. Delhi suffered a near-death experience which resulted in her rescue to the Elephant Sanctuary in November 2003. After nearly a year of quarantine she was set free to do as she pleased under our watchful eye. Not a day goes by that she does not revel in her freedom. We are in awe of her resilience.

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July 21, 2005
We remember Tina today. She will be in our hearts forever.

A Memorial Slide Show for Tina


July 9, 2005

Sissy takes a dust bath—then shares her space with a deer! (See if you can "catch" the deer in the second slide!)

Animated gif taken from EleCam composites.


July 7, 2005

Tarra goes blackberry picking.

Tarra goes blackberry picking.

July 6, 2005

Today marks Shirley’s six year anniversary at the Sanctuary. In this relatively short period of time Shirley has impacted the Sanctuary profoundly. With wisdom and kindness she has helped to create a family and has taught her caregivers more than we could ever have expected. In spite of her broken leg, multiple burn scars and other injuries, Shirley is healthy. It is putting it mildly to say that Shirley is content. Jenny is her main focus but it is obvious that the wellbeing of all the elephants is important to her. All of the elephants, including Winkie, treat Shirley with great respect. By all observations they adore her.

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June 12, 2005

Summer at the Sanctuary brings lazy, peaceful days. A new canine friend has joined the herd.

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June 3, 2005

Shady spots provide cool relief for the girls of summer.

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May 28, 2005

Jenny, Shirley, Bunny, Tarra and Bella have all been on an extended hiatus from the EleCam and many viewers have asked about their whereabouts and wellbeing. They are all having the time of their lives, foraging new trails in the southern area of the property—Barbara’s favorite stomping grounds. In fact, the past few nights they were found leisurely hanging out by Barbara’s grave when their groceries were delivered around midnight. Barbara passed away four years ago this month and was a beloved member of her herd.
Sissy and Winkie have not yet braved the hill which will take them to unexplored terrain for the two; instead they remain in EleCam view. Grazing and napping in the Sanctuary pasture, Sissy and Winkie have been spending a good deal of time with Delhi. This time of year the girls stay outside 24/7 allowing their caregivers to wait on them hand and foot, with the help of the 4-wheeler.

Today Winkie took advantage of the dry weather and became a mammoth dust ball.

Misty is enjoying the warm weather and abundance of grass. With all the rain this spring Misty literally tore up the pasture and we were afraid she would have only dirt by summer; thank goodness we were wrong! Misty grazes with her toy ball and foot trimming tub near by. As you might expect, what is a foot trimming tub to us is actually a great toy for Misty. It is made of aluminum pipe, light weight and easy for her to grasp… and throw around.

Immediately following this posting we received a message—a very creative interpretation of the elephants' elusive behavior.

"Where did your favorite stars spend the Holiday Weekend? Well out of sight of that pesky paparazzi of course!  (Bunny's well known lawsuit against the intrusive photographers is still pending, her choice has been to remain in seclusion).
Spy’s report that the girls have been romping it up in that retreat of retreats, the fabled South End. Free from reporters and photographers the four of them often gather to gossip about their idol, the deceased but never forgotten sweater fashion plate, Barbie. So exclusive is this South End paradise that only one "exclusive, by-appointment-only" caterer makes it in. And even these deliveries must be made under cover of darkness, long after midnight. Reports have surfaced that this delivery person is examined carefully for hidden cameras, and further gossip has surfaced that this person may even be a trusted companion to the Fab Four of this secluded hot spot.

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May 18, 2005
It was four years ago today that Barbara left us. Like an angel she drifted just out of our grasp, gone but somehow with us still.
The lessons that she patiently taught us did not go unnoticed, even today we continue to learn from her example. Barbara showed us that death just like life is a precious process that should be honored and embraced and never denied. Our hearts were wide open the day she arrived and the day she left we thought we too would die. Instead, we were miraculously empowered the instant her spirit passed from here to there. It was the greatest privilege to accompanying her on her journey home.
Barbara continues to be a guiding light forever showing us the way.

Namaste, Barbara

May 18, 2005

Today brought disappointing news about Misty’s sister’s with the announcement that USDA will allow the Carson and Barnes Circus to have some of the Hawthorn elephants. Luckily, Misty will not have the misfortune of being returned to that life. We are honored to be able to protect and provide for her. She is full of joy and always ready to engage in any form of fun provided. Today she demonstrated her healthy appetite, grazing on live vegetation which seems to suite her just fine.

Misty is thriving at the Sanctuary
Misty is thriving at The Elephant Sanctuary

Misty grazes on natural vegetation
She enjoys grazing on the natural vegetation


May 11, 2005

Today was a break-through day for Sissy and Winkie. Each elephant progresses at her own pace. Sissy and Winkie have been the best of friends, helping each make amazing recoveries. Their break-throughs include Winkie learning to trust new keepers and befriending all of the elephants, Sissy finding the confidence to cross a swollen creek, Winkie feeling safe enough to finally lie down to sleep and Sissy forgoing physical closeness with the other elephants until Winkie felt comfortable to coexist in the herd. Today is just another in a string of breakthroughs, all because these elephants have been allowed to live a life free to make their own choices. Today they pushed their fears aside and, for the first time since their arrival, “climbed the mountain” and disappeared into the forest beyond. Their adventure lasted all day.

They walked the forest trails and found one of the man-made watering holes. Jenny was sleeping when they entered the glade where she and Shirley were spending their day. When dusk fell they started making their way back home. By 11 pm they were back in the pasture, contently grazing in the moonlight. The next morning, as soon as the sun rose, they decided to repeat the adventure of the previous day and headed up the mountain again. This time they stayed all day and all night. After they were fed at 11pm they drank from the water trough and purred contently, showing no desire to leave this forest wonderland. As the 4-wheeler roared off into the night, two mammoth silhouettes cast twin shadows against a backdrop of forest and midnight sky.

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May 7, 2005

As the sun sets Delhi finds a dust bowl!

Delhi finds a dust bowl

April 30, 2005

Delhi immersed in the habitat; enjoying the pond, a good scratch and some tasty vegetation. Delhi and Sissy enjoy tender moments.

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April 26, 2005

Today we celebrate Tina’s birthday. Even though she is no longer with us we think of Tina often. The flutter of a butterfly or buzzing of a bee, that makes us think of Tina with a smile. That chubby face with sparkling eyes ever engaged and kind. Tina lived a short life filled with many joys and pain. Known and loved by thousands, Tina’s legacy is that she is still able to change people’s lives for the better, even today.
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April 25, 2005

Barbara came to us nine years ago a ghost of a creature, emaciated and listless. But inside that hollow shell lived a most magnificent being; vibrant, knowing and compassionate. Barbara taught her friends, human and elephant alike, lessons of profound spiritual significance. She was our greatest wanderer and the one most likely to leave a hauntingly deep impression on those fortunate enough to meet her. After 5 years filled with recovery and heartbreak Barbara left us to struggle with the pain of her passing. We soon realized that although Barbara was no longer physically with us her energy was everywhere, even stronger than before.

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April 23, 2005

Misty is making the best of her situation; napping, playing and generally having lots of fun!


April 9, 2005

A glorious spring day. Sissy and Winkie have already established their daily pond routine; and what fun they have!

Sissy and Winkie enjoy the pond


April 8, 2005

Winkie enjoying a snack.



April 7, 2005

The elusive Bunny is captured on the EleCam


Today Misty received a surprise in the mail…a beach ball. She loved it for the two and a half seconds that it withstood her exuberance, and then POP, is was history.

Misty and the Beach Ball


April 6, 2005

Winkie enjoys a spring shower which always puts her in a playful mood.

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April 4, 2005

The elusive Bunny was spotted by EleCam fans.

Bunny is spotted!


April 1, 2005

Winkie enjoying April Fools Day

Winkie playing with a toy


March 30, 2005

Another day in paradise!

Another day in Paradise!


March 29, 2005

Delhi is enjoying this spring weather. She sent time playing in the mud hole that Jenny excavated several years ago. It is spring fed and makes a wonderful mud spa. After playing for several minutes she wandered off to take her well-deserved nap!

The Mud Spa


March 27, 2005

Delhi is a busy girl, checking out all corners of the Sanctuary. This evening at dusk she was seen at the upper pond, content as she could be.

Delhi is a busy girl...


March 25, 2005

The girls dubbed this the “first day of spring” by taking the first swim in the pond this season. Jenny, Shirley, Sissy and Winkie played like puppies; their joy was contagious.

First Day of Spring!


March 21, 2005

Jenny rolled around and Shirley protectively stood over her as a caregiver trimmed Jenny’s back pads. Jenny was being very silly; wiggling around, sitting up half way and then back down again, making the trim job a challenge. She finally lay still for a few minutes and then was up on her feet ready to play. Her fooling around caused quite a stir with the EleFans viewing the EleCam.

Jenny's foot trim

March 19, 2005

Shirley (58 years old) was feeling like a kid this morning.
She burst into play displaying the enthusiasm and agility of a calf…
what a happy girl!

Shirley having fun.

Jenny found a well used toy that kept her well entertained for a short time.


March 10, 2005

Winkie has a way of keeping herself entertained even when everyone else is napping!


March 9, 2005

Today was a reminder of what we are striving for; a healthy environment which allows for natural behavior between caring members of a close-knit family group of elephants. What a joy it is to observe these elephants as they demonstrate how important choice is in their lives. Today EleCam viewers were treated to a banquet of displays of affection; first Shirley and Tarra, then Jenny and Sissy and then Sissy and Shirley, all in a 20 minute span of time. Their joy is contagious!

March 3, 2005

Today is a day of many celebrations; Flora’s one year anniversary and 22nd birthday, and the 10th year anniversary for Tarra and the Sanctuary. It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Tarra inspired the creation of the Elephant Sanctuary. The momentum that she has created shows no signs of slowing down. We look forward to more successes and increased awareness regarding the lives of captive elephants worldwide. Without a doubt, Tarra will continue to be the inspiration towards that goal.

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February 16, 2005

Bunny had several small crusty spots on her ears about the size of a pin head. They appeared to be either bug bites or an allergic reaction. Since we had never seen this condition on any of the elephants before, Dr. Scott was call out to do an examination. Bunny was pleased to be the focus of doc's attention; she adores him. An immediate determination was not made but a sample was sent to the lab for analysis.

Bunny gets a check-up

February 14, 2005

It is hard to believe that Tarra is 31 years old. She is still the baby of the Asian herd which is exactly where she wants to be. In these ten years of Sanctuary life Tarra has grown tremendously, not physically but emotionally. She has forged a strong relationship with all of her sisters and caregivers as well. She remains independent as ever, that is her personality, but she lives amongst the herd. With her ever present canine friend Bella, the two scour the habitat for new adventures daily. As the months and years have passed Tarra has become an integral member of the herd.

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February 14, 12:30AM

With the balmy weather hovering at a comfortable 56 degrees, Delhi stayed out long after all the other elephants had migrated back to the barn. Then at 12:30 a.m. she made her mile journey from her now favorite cedar tree in the back-60 to the barn, to join her family. She was greeted with an enthusiastic Bunny trumpet and playful interactions from Tarra.


February 4, 2005

It was a fabulous February day; all the girls headed out for the pasture and a nap in the sun. Tarra and Bella soaked up the sun together.


February 1, 2005

Today Jenny, Shirley, Sissy and Winkie spent time together above the small pond.

Jenny, Shirley, Sissy, & Winkie

January 26, 2005

It is 5 years today that Sissy arrived at the Sanctuary—timid, shy and emaciated. She spent nearly 4 weeks inside the barn before finding the courage to go outside. Her gentle nature was immediately evident and in no time she had developed a strong relationship with Carol and Scott. Once Winkie arrived, things rapidly progressed. Sissy had become the big sister, providing security and support to her new-found friend, Winkie. Sissy continues to bless us with her compassion and kindness. It is an honor to serve her.

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January 25, 2005

Everyone has been enjoying this glorious weather. Today an EleCam Fan captured this series of images of Jenny rising from her late afternoon nap…heaven.

Jenny rises from her nap.


January 22, 2005

An EleCam viewer sent this screen capture of Winkie playing with her hanging barrel toy. She had a blast!

Winkie playing with the barrel


January 13, 2005

January has been wet and warm—a glorious month especially for our coldest month of the year. The ground is saturated which makes it great for slip-n-sliding and other antics. Winkie cannot help herself; she has to play, slamming her face into the mud. This is a classic position enjoyed by all elephants who engage in playful behavior. Up close it looks painful, but when you hear the trumpet of glee you realize they are having pure and simple fun!



Sept. 29, 2005
Bunny's 6th Anniversary at the Sanctuary

Happy 6th Anniversary, dear Bunny

Sept. 11, 2005
Jenny's 9th Anniversary at the Sanctuary

I am so happy for you dear Jenny!
Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary at the wonderful Elephant Sanctuary!
With love

Happy Anniversary, Jenny!


July 21, 2005
Remembering Tina ~ One Year Later

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are gentle reminders, bringing us back to our essence and helping us to open our hearts and minds.  When we hang prayer flags, we create the intention for more kindness for ourselves and all sentient beings.  It is believed that prayer flags literally bless the air wafting through them with sacred mantra prayers.  All beings that are touched by the wind are said to become calmer and more uplifted—good karma is created in the surrounding area.

As they wave in the wind, prayer flags carry wishes and prayers for compassion, peace and healing around the earth.  Prayer flags also encourage us to live more mindfully and help us to restore our own inner calm.  A more peaceful world still must begin in each of us, one open heart at a time.  The silent prayers are blessings spoken on the breath of nature.

I truly believe Tina possessed that gentle and peaceful spirit that prayer flags evoke.  She touched so many lives and so many hearts, awakened a strong sense of compassion in people and probably helped some heal.  I hope these flags might hang near Tina’s resting place as a gentle reminder of a gentle girl that touched our hearts so profoundly.

May her rebirth be as beautiful as her spirit.


In Memory of Tina
In your eyes
we saw joy
fleeting happiness
overshadow pain

the new wonder
loving family and
humans that gave
freedom again.

In your eyes
soft moonlight
shadow danced
on persimmon tree

your sisters' faces
joyous greetings,
trunk touches and
your friend Winkie.

In your eyes
sorrow filled family
loving faces
those now so dear

your heavenly keeper
called you softly
no more pain, little one,
your time is near.

In our eyes
your sweet face
pictures , memories,
tears still flow

all the wonders
you missed Tina
paradise , new shoes.......
it was time for you to go.

Its so hard to believe one year has passed since Tina left us and the sorrow still felt.
Thankyou so much for all that you are and all that you do.

July 6, 2005
For Shirley's 6th Anniversary

Dear Shirley
Be happy, just as you are!
With love,

To Shirley on her 6th  Anniversary


You are a "mother", a "friend", and a "leader" amongst the Sanctuary herd;
My wish for you is many more years to come of your wonderful life at the Sanctuary!!

Michael Sultana

In Memory of Barbara

First "fellow sister" to Tarra.
Friend to all who met her.
Forger of pathways.
First "official visitor" of neighbors.
Teacher to "fellow persons".
Bringing closeness to the herd,
and leaving footprints in our hearts..... even now.
First "Angel" of the sanctuary.

Carole Moffett
Porterville, California

Remembering Tina on her birthday.

Remembering Tina
From Jac
April 26, 2005

Remembering Barbara
Remembering Barbara
From Jac
April 25, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Sissy



From Michael Sultana


Happy 5th Anniversary, our dear Sissy. Your suffering brought attention, and in turn, your freedom. Such a gentle, sweet soul, may you continue to enjoy your precious family for many, many more years.

I was born into Love, Trust and Family.
Was Captured.........
and Lost all that was Dear to Me.
Lived alone, no Company.
Storm came, Water took me!!
by Fear - surrounded.
by trees - grounded.
Could not move,
Could not see.
Nose saved me, it reached and breathed.
Water left but Fear stayed.
Storms make nerves frayed.

Was Moved and Moved from zoo to zoo.
Persons would beat me,
caused Great Pain too.
Other Persons were kind
(but I... was confused)


Tire was my best friend,
Always there
Always the same.

Fellow Sisters - while we graze and while we rest,
on This Day I am Blessed.
In Sanctuary
I have been Reborn
to Love, Trust and Family.

Carole Moffett
Porterville, California
(for Sissy's 5th Anniversary)


To Sissy ~

Every day I marvel at your gracious, sensitive and thoughtful wisdom, and your gentle spirit.
It is a blessing that you've found a loving home, security and family at The Elephant Sanctuary:

You are a blessing yourself.

May you celebrate many, many more Anniversaries with your ever-growing family.

With love,
(for Sissy's 5th anniversary at TES - Jan. 26, 2005)

Delhi goes to the Africans fence and
communicates with the African Queens

Salutations Cousins!!
Delhi of the Asians greets you.
Fellow Sisters guided me here,
to wish you well.
I have a story to tell.

(and the Africans reply)

proud and humble greetings cousin,
you must be Delhi the butterfly,
one who flits here and there,
one who wanders everywhere......
Rumblings say that
you haven't been seen.
Where have you been?

(and Delhi chants slowly)

I needed this time
to become Wise Again;
to shake off the "Pen";
to renew my spiritual self,
that was put on a shelf........
   While chained to a wall.
   Others would call,
   Some would fall,
   I could not help - at all...

(and then she sings)

My Soul needs to Wander,
My Mind needs to Ponder,
All that is Here,
All that is Near,
Must Search - Must Seek
Must Look over There,
I have been Given an
Answer to Prayer!!!

(then she continues)

I have been scratching my back, my head
and behind. Been crunching on limbs of
different kinds. I trotted up hills; ran down valleys
below, watched things move when the wind would blow.
Gazed at stars that glittered above, and wondered
at the movement of a tiny bug. Watched the Circle of Fire
cross the skies and danced among the fireflies.
I saw small creatures scurry around, I knocked down
trees and spun around. I listened to each and every sound.
I foraged among the grass and weeds, heard the chirp
of a chick a dee, and the soft droning buzz of a bumble bee.
While all Nature cried "Delhi - you're Free"!
That is where I have been, That is what I have seen.

(and Tange says)
please greet your sisters and wish them well,
your story was swell
(and Flora says)
we wise creatures were meant to roam
we grateful cousins love our new home!
(and Zula adds)
visit us often, your Rumbles
are heard, the divine in us
recognizes the divine in you.
(together they chant)

By Carole Moffett
Porterville, California

There is a day called Judgement,
all creatures great and small;

Will come to God and whisper,
we've come, please hear us all;

We served man faithfully,
we're food and clothes and shoes;

We've fought in battles honorably,
Searched hills and become glue;

The elephants all trumpeted in unison,
In praise and honor to God;

On bended knee they pleaded,
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Our God;

Now Tarra she stepped forward,
a spokesman for all;

With Shirl and Jen and Bunny,
all the girls were there;

She spoke so soft and whispered,
Lord, please, make them care;

We walked the earth in peace and calm,
Not a creature did we slay;

We drank and ate the food you grew,
But yet, man came, the day turned gray;

My Mother and Father, they stood their ground,
With their trunks they did warn;

But their efforts were no match for them,
Man culled, it's called, and did them great harm;

We come to ask, not revenge Lord,
But, please, your judgement on;

Those who came to do us harm,
On field, in sky and farm;

Blessings on those who kept us safe,
Who fed, kept us warm, with love and respect;

Love to all who watched and prayed,
And kept of safe while we grazed;

Our lives were full with love and peace,
Please reward those who kept;

The love you gave to all mankind,
And gave it back to us with respect.

Hugs and Kisses to all the girls,

Karen Wilson

Once again it's Christmas time, when good deeds do abound,
But in one very special place, they always can be found.
In a sleepy little valley in the hills of Tennessee,
You'll find a wooded paradise, we call a sanctuary.
While birds may flock here by the score, to eat the bounty free,
It is a loving peaceful home for elephants, you see.

Scott and Carol needed a very special place,
A home for their sweet Tarra with a vast amount of space.
With Tarra being of such size and weight upon her feet,
Here she would have nice soft grass and a barn to offer heat.
But Tarra needed much much more, some friends to make life grand,
To walk with her for endless days upon this precious land.

And so it was that Barbara came, a frail and sickly gal,
To hopefully recuperate and be Tarra's first pal

And then came little Jenny, dumped by some wicked soul,
Years of neglect for this poor lass had taken a great toll.

Shirley came next with crippled leg to finally be free,
And recognized Miss Jenny, which filled her heart with glee.
They since have been inseparable and at each other's side,
While roaming through the meadows, ponds, and wallows far and wide.

Next along came Bunny with unbearable foot ills,
Her preferences soon helped her with her love of climbing hills.

Then Sissy came who nearly drowned and left with awful fear,
She found the love, and no more threats, and comforting friends near.

Winkie with aggression and wild spirit to be free,
Arrived and then found Sissy, side by side they'll always be.

Tina rode a long long way, from north to south she came,
With deadly fatal foot disease, she did arrive quite lame.
And sadly only had great bliss for just one memorable year,
She left thousands to mourn her and many shed a tear.
At her side her friends did walk, to the gravesite place,
They stood a vigil, shed some tears, and guarded her new space.
Sissy left her "tire" to help Tina on her way,
As if to let her know, they would play another day.

Barbara too has left this Earth, without her warming sweater,
Her wasting illness took its toll, she couldn't get much better.

Delhi was the next to come, officials intervened,
Her health was much in jeopardy, at least that's how it seemed.
But months alone in quarantine and much intensive care,
Changed her to gleeful healthiness instead of sad despair.

Surviving water, belly deep, were Zula and Tange,
Who arrived together just as happy as can be.
Free at last to enter, the deepest, densest wood,
To knock down trees and have some fun as any elephant could.

Flora from the circus, had tired of the game,
Her owner wanted TES for her, and so along she came.

Misty living miserably, and chained from morn to night,
Had somehow managed to survive despite attempted flight.
She and Lota have arrived to this miraculous place,
And share a barn and yard for now, their very special space.
Lota is a shadow of what she used to be,
Both must conquer lung disease and then they will be free.

So join with me in wishing, these elephants long life,
Now free from stress, ankus, or chains, and any other strife.

God Bless The Elephant Sanctuary And All Who Reside There.

Merry Christmas,

Laura Cotter

There was a day in heaven,
when everyone came to play;

With earth's most precious angels,
the elephant, you say?

The elephants spoke softly,
but everyone could hear;

Thank you all for coming,
glad you all are here;

We came to praise and worship,
Our Lord, Our God you see;

So everyone please listen,
and we'll tell you what came to be;

Our load was hard and heavy,
we worked so long for man;

We gave our lives and children,
and crumbled under man's hand;

They never asked or pleaded,
they took and hit with hooks;

They sold us into slavery,
living their lives as crooks;

We climbed and danced and shouted,
In tents filled with guests;

But never did we ask of them,
What for? Was this a test?

A test of strength and courage?
A test no man could share;

A burden placed on us you see,
it seemed no one cared;

But wait, a truck is coming,
I'm going, can't you see;

To a place almost heaven,
The Elephant Sanctuary!

My Lord, I see neighbors,
with trunks and feet like me;

Oh Yes! my precious sisters!
I'm here at the sanctuary!!!

So friends stand up and listen,
please don't forget to write;

and say hello to all of us,
God Bless you all, Good Night.

Happy 31st Birthday, Tarra

from Jac

Beautiful Tarra's Birthday Tribute

Tarra is all
The female embodiment of Buddha
She begins and ends it.
First to step onto Sanctuary soil
She teaches us and them
Tarra lives and Tarra loves
Tarra is first to greet
She consoles them.
She examines wounds,
She hears heartache.
She reassures them.
She invites the angels to the hilltop, a safe place.
Tarra's love is infinite, her forgiveness divine:
a frightened dog who loves big things
a loving Sister who's heart was so big it could not last.
Tarra runs, plays, trumpets, primps and reigns supreme
She flirts and bats her eyes and if you are quiet you may hear:
"don't hold back..don't put conditions on now..give all
your love
away in each moment.
Don't be a love miser, be a love fountain...keep the door of your
open wide."

I will try Tarra, Happy Birthday.

Kate Elliott

For Tarra from Lisa Nygaard

For Tarra from Janet

Messages from friends in celebration of The Elephant Sanctuary's 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary