The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunitiesThe Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has grown tremendously since it was first founded in 1995 with Tarra as its inspiration and first resident. Today, it is the largest sanctuary in the United States specifically designed to meet the needs of endangered African and Asian elephants. Utilizing over 2,700 acres, it provides three separate and protected natural habitat environments that eighteen resident elephants call home.

Founders Carol Buckley and Scott Blais have established more than a leading sanctuary—their progressive approach to humane captive-elephant management has generated world-wide attention. The Sanctuary leads the way in training their caregivers to employ this new and progressive system of elephant management.

AZA institutions have recently recognized the need that elephants require vast space and complex environments to remain both physically and psychologically sound. In the near future, this will necessitate AZA institutions to seek out qualified individuals with experience managing elephants in a multi-acre setting. The Sanctuary currently has limited opportunities for elephant keepers to expand their repertoire and learn how to manage elephants in a progressive manner.

The Elephant Sanctuary is currently seeking candidates for the following positions. Please follow the links for more information. If you are interested in applying, we would love to hear from you.

Current Opportunities

The Elephant Sanctuary is an equal opportunity employer.