The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Acres for Elephants

The original Acres for Elephants campaign goal was to raise the funds to cover the debt owed for the purchase of 2500 acres of additional land for the elephants. In June 2000, as a result of this campaign, 110 acres were purchased, doubling the elephants' then-current habitat. Thanks to the Acres for Elephants campaign, that land was paid in full.

In 2002 another 700 acres was purchased (referred to as the Lake Land as it hosts the most magnificent 25-acre, spring-fed lake.) Later in 2003 the remaining land was purchased—1800 acres which previously had been owned by a paper company. Nearly half of the timber had already been cut prior to the Sanctuary's purchase, but those areas are being converted into pastures for the elephants.

The elephants now have a 2700-acre natural-habitat preserve in which to live their lives. Thanks to the support of our Donors—the debt on that land is paid in full!!


Space...elephants thrive on it!

Rolling pastures, old growth forests, streams, springfed ponds—even a 25-acre lake. While all of this is vital to an elephant’s need to freely roam, now it is time to gain the support needed to maintain this incredible habitat.

Here’s a way for you to help:

Your donation to the Acres for Elephants campaign helps to ensure that we are able to maintain this magnificent habitat and provide the best quality of life for our Girls and those yet to make their way to sanctuary.

The tractors used for bush hogging, the solar waterers and Protected Contact corrals scattered throughout the habitat, and the generators at each of the four barns—all need to be maintained, repaired and sometimes replaced. And don’t forget the fences! Miles and miles of fences need to be cleared and repaired when damaged, and remaining cable wire fencing must ultimately be replaced with the famed "Flora-proof" and "Minnie-proof" steel gauge fencing.  

So the Acres for Elephants Campaign is a request for your support—not to purchase land, but instead to care for it and to ensure that our elephants have the safety and freedom to explore every corner of their habitat.