Mourning Baby Elephant Kedar

August 4, 2005

KedarDevastating, that's how zoo keepers and workers at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo describe the mood there Friday. Visitors couldn't help but feel the sadness at the elephant exhibit after baby Kedar, just four days old died Thursday night. So many people had fallen for the baby asian elephant, now they struggle to deal with his loss. A small memorial with cards, flowers and even a peanut candy bar sits in front of the exhibit.

Little Kedar fell into the pool Thursday morning and several other elephants went in after him. Instead of helping, the protective animals pushed the little elephant in deeper and he got water in his lungs.

Veterinarians put him on antibiotics, but he wasn't able to pull through. Directors are thinking about limiting the number of elephants at the pool at one time to prevent something like this in the future. The baby's mother, Targa, looked for her son this morning. Trainers say she will mourn him, then soon get over it. The zoo is starting an internal investigation to see if anything could have been done to prevent the death. The US Department of Agriculture is also looking into the accident.

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