The Elephant Sanctuary Begins Our Fifteenth Year

On this day, our Fourteen Year Anniversary, it is profoundly evident that the amount of awareness and increased sensitivity to the welfare needs of captive elephants has exploded.

The current lawsuit brought against Ringling Brothers for the alleged abuse of their elephants speaks volumes to how far we have come as a society. Not one single entity is responsible for this important consciousness raising; it has been the result of many dedicated groups and individuals who clearly see that now is a time for change.

We humans are responsible for the lives and the well being of captive elephants and we will continue to endeavor to make things right for them. Everyone, including the elephants at the Sanctuary and all of the elephants currently living in captivity, are profoundly grateful to everyone across this planet who recognizes the plight that elephants, both wild and in captivity, face today.

We encourage you to continue to follow your heart, engage the science, and be the catalyst for change.