Happy 10th Anniversary Shirley!

Tarra, Shirley, & Bunny

Ten years ago today Shirley arrived. No one could have imagined the impact this amazingly wise and compassionate elephant would have on our growth and knowledge. Shirley continues to be the matriarch of our family even though at this point her family appears fractured. Now that she has recovered from her deep sorrow of losing both Jenny and Bunny, she has quite a job ahead of her. Bringing all of the elephants together to live like a family is what Shirley does best, and we know over the next several years Shirley’s wisdom will be spread across all of the elephants and caregivers alike. We can’t wait to see what will develop from her efforts. Shirley, Tarra and Bella continue to be constant companions, soaking up the sun, savoring the wild weather and enjoying every inch of their habitat.