Baby Elephant Dies One Day After Being Born

July 8, 2009
News Channel 3, Memphis, TN
By George Brown

A one-day-old elephant has died at the Memphis Zoo in what officials are calling an accident.

According to the zoo, the calf stumbled while walking through the exhibit Wednesday morning.

The elephant's mother tried to help the calf get back up when, "...she accidentally injured the newborn with her tusk."

A release from the zoo said, "Zoo keepers began to work immediately to separate Asali from the calf. They then began to perform first aid, and along with the Zoo¹s veterinary staff, transported the calf to the Zoo hospital. Sadly, the injuries were too severe, and the calf expired at around 11:10am.

Zoo veterinarians and keepers are caring for Asali during this difficult time. She will remain off exhibit until a later date."

The pregnancy was part of an effort to increase the population of captive elephants.

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