Elephant Sanctuary Director's Comment Concerning Baby Elephant's Death at Memphis Zoo

From the Director of The Elephant Sanctuary
July 13, 2009

Dear Supporters,
I am sorry that some of you took offense to my comments in a recent article about the death of a baby elephant at the Memphis Zoo.
Those who know me well understand my straightforward approach with the media. When asked a question I try to answer as clearly as possible in an effort to avoid being misquoted. In this case I was not misquoted but unfortunately some of you have misunderstood the meaning of my words.
The focus of my work has always been the welfare of elephants living in captivity. I believe elephants should live in an environment that is healthy for them. The quotes attributed to me in a recent article were accurate, but what was not stated was my opinion that the zoo and circus industries currently fail to meet my standards for a healthy environment.
My goal is to not stand in judgment of others but rather to provide a healthy alternative for elephants living in captivity.
I hope this simple explanation brings comfort to those confused by what they read. I am now as always, on the side of the elephants.

Carol Buckley