Here Comes Babe!

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is pleased to announced that Babe, a 25-year-old African elephant currently residing at Cleveland Amory's Black Beauty Ranch in Texas, will soon be joining Tange and Flora.

According to the Black Beauty Ranch website, Babe was born in 1984 in Kruger National Park in South Africa. In 1986 her family was killed, and Babe was captured and imported to the United States. She spent the next ten years performing in the circus. At some point during her capture, transport and life in the circus, Babe suffered serious injuries to her legs and feet. Eventually, with continued transport and performing, Babe lost the ability to put weight on her right hind leg, making it dangerous for her to be transported and impossible for her to perform.

In 1996, the Sanctuary was contacted about taking Babe. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept her since, at the time, we did not have facilities for African elephants. We immediately contacted Black Beauty Ranch, which was eager to accept her. When Babe's companion at Black Beauty died in 2003, the Ranch inquired about sending Babe to live with other elephants, but were advised against the move for fear her chronic disability might cause complications en route.

Now Babe's condition has stabilized, making it possible for her to be safely transported. She is expected to be moved to the Sanctuary before the end of the year. Upon arrival, Babe will have her own habitat and slowly be introduced to Tange and Flora.