A Message from Scott

By now most of you are aware that the Sanctuary is undergoing a significant period of change, and although change is inevitable it is often very difficult for everyone involved. We greatly appreciate all of the questions, expression of concerns and communications of support during this shift. We will work diligently to ease your worries and keep your trust.
The sanctuary has always been one that is driven by the elephants; it is a vision that has evolved over the years as we learned more about the true nature of elephants, outside of the parameters of control and limited space. We have faced many hard decisions over the years and many criticisms. Every decision that we have faced is always explored to the deepest level, looking at all sides and weighing the repercussions. These explorations always lead to the same bottom line, what is best for the elephants. I know many of you are unfamiliar with our board members, but they are truly caring individuals who, for many years, have assisted us each step of the way, helping us realize our dream while also following in the footsteps of the elephants. They have been and continue to be devoted allies that are infinitely passionate about the welfare of elephants and the core mission of the Sanctuary. Although this week's decision was very difficult for us all, I support the board's actions. It will take time for all of us to absorb, but in the meantime I ask that you trust that the elephants will always be put first, this is their Sanctuary.
A lot of you are undoubtedly concerned about Tarra. The simple answer is that Carol and I have always said the most important relationships in any elephant's life is the one with their true family, the other elephants. Over the years, especially the past four years, Tarra has spent increasingly more time out being an elephant. Just yesterday she was standing over her closest friend Shirley, protecting her as she slept. As many of our followers are aware, Shirley has previously taken on the role of protector over Jenny and Bunny, but it is her friendship with Tarra that has allowed her to exhibit the vulnerability that exists within. Tarra continues to learn from Shirley what it is to be a true member of the herd and Shirley is opening her heart to feel the love found in connecting with Tarra. This relationship continues to illustrate the core of the Sanctuary's mission and the dream birthed 15 years ago.
As the Sanctuary continues its mission, I speak from my heart when I say that the support from every individual is important, not just financially, but spiritually. Your energy helps the Sanctuary vibrate and resonate. It is the open hearts of the supporters, friends and caregivers that feed the souls of the elephants. In their light and guidance we will move forward, supporting their journey and promoting the needed protection of elephants worldwide. The sanctuary is strong, the core is intact, the heart is pure and our mission still lives.