Weather Update at the Sanctuary

While tornadic winds were in the area, the sanctuary's damage has been due to the flooding which is receding quickly.  Torrential rain has kept us busy, but we want you to know that all of the elephants and caregivers are fine. The primary fencing and barns are all in good shape, but the road into the QBarn is flooded so the caregivers have used 4 wheelers from the Asian habitat to get to the QBarn. One of our security cabins is completely flooded and will need to be replaced...fortunately the caregiver had already gone to the barn before the water came in.
Most of our repairs will be fixing erosion on our roads, trails and along our fence lines.  Minnie took full advantage of the swollen creeks today, true to her nature never missing an opportunity for a little extracurricular activity. Stay tuned for photos and video.  Thanks to all of our concerned supporters, cell phones are still down but our internet is returning intermittently.  The most important thing is that the girls are doing great, they  just take it all in stride…maybe we should take notice and follow in their footsteps, no sense in fighting mother nature. 

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