Kids Giving Back

In September, a group of Ocala, Florida elementary school students held a bike-a-thon to raise money for The Elephant Sanctuary as part of an educational project on elephants.

After viewing information about the Sanctuary online and checking out books on elephants from their local library, the students asked friends and family to sponsor them in a 2.5 mile ride around a loop track. On the day of the ride, the kids attended an educational session about elephants that included a lecture and a craft project. Then the pedaling began!

The event raised almost $400 for the Sanctuary. According to Elaine Sheridan, whose two daughters participated in the ride, “This is our second annual fundraiser with the girls. Their experience is two-fold; they learn about giving back, and also about the cause we are supporting. They really enjoyed learning about the elephants!”

The students taking part in the bike-a-thon were Megan Bracknell, Ali Linton, Abby Lombard, Grace Gunn, Emily Lombard, Sarah Gunn, Leah Sheridan, Kelly Sawyer, Emma Sheridan, Natalie Thomas, and Emily Grace Linton.