The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Files Response to Lawsuit by Former CEO

To our devoted supporters –

As you are likely aware, the Sanctuary was served with a lawsuit by co-founder and former CEO, Carol Buckley, in October 2010. Because we are now filing our legal response to the lawsuit, we wanted to let you know what's going on.

The response to the lawsuit is now public record, so we'll let that document and its exhibits speak for itself, and let matters proceed according to the court's rules. We fully trust the Chancery Court of Lewis County, TN, to render a just decision.

Our hope all along was that these details could have been kept private, as is standard and customary in the case of personnel matters, but after the Sanctuary was sued, it had the legal duty to respond. In answer to requests from the Sanctuary's supporters for information, the response and its attachments are available for download at the links listed below.

While we regret having to expend Sanctuary time and resources on this, we are exceedingly grateful for your dedicated support of the elephants, as well as your understanding as we move to an exciting future.

That future includes working to become a leading organization in educating the world about elephants, and raising awareness of the unjust treatment many elephants receive across the world. And of course, our original mission remains intact – to provide our magnificent elephant residents with a place to live in safety, dignity, and peace.

As always, we are so thankful for supporters like you. You provide everything needed for the elephants' care – from dietary supplements to automatic watering stations, from enrichment toys to barn necessities, from medical supplies to 4-wheelers.

Know that our focus continues on providing sanctuary for the Girls and educating the world about the plight of captive elephants.

  Legal Response to Lawsuit

  Legal Response to Lawsuit - Exhibits

  Press Release About Legal Response