The Sanctuary & co-founder Scott Blais announced today that Scott will be leaving the employment of The Sanctuary.

Statement from Rob:

"I have always considered it a privilege to work with Scott, who provides oversight of elephant husbandry, veterinary care and facilities management, from the first time I met him in 2002. Scott's departure in no way diminishes the legacy of caring and advocating for captive elephants that he created through his work here. We are going to preserve that legacy and build on it into the future as we continue to provide a true Sanctuary which allows elephants to live their lives as elephants in a safe haven, with minimal intrusion from caregiver staff."

Statement from Scott:

"Although I will not be here at the Sanctuary, I believe in its future. There are many very capable friends of the elephants that will help carry the Sanctuary forward. The Sanctuary has much work to do, there are still so many elephants in need of a safe haven. I have confidence that all the Sanctuary staff will continue the work we started here, and ensure that the Sanctuary is equipped to address the growing needs of elephants."

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