A Message From Scott

Since day one it has been an amazing and life altering experience to be part of The Elephant Sanctuary. This has been a tremendous opportunity and gift to help turn a dream into a reality, providing for 24 elephants that were given a chance to truly live, and to impact the world of captive elephants; giving us all hope for change.

Throughout the past 16 years, the elephants have shared their lives with all of us, teaching us the fundamentals of truth, trust and acceptance. As we all grow, we have to accept and honor change, we have to trust in those around us and the goodwill of strangers who may soon be friends, and we have to embrace the truth: our world requires a cohesive and cooperative balance, and none of us can go through life on our own. I literally owe my life to the Girls; they have taught me how to live in their footsteps. They have shared lessons and memories that will always be carried close to my heart.

Although I will not be here at The Sanctuary, I believe in its future. There are many very capable friends of the elephants that will help carry The Sanctuary forward. The Sanctuary has much work to do--there are still so many elephants in need of a safe haven. I have confidence that all The Sanctuary staff will continue the work we started here, and ensure that The Sanctuary is equipped to address the growing needs of elephants.

As for me, there is literally a world of possibilities. There is tremendous work going on all over the world to help protect and rescue elephants and I anticipate considering many options that can take advantage of my experience and passion.

From the depths of my heart, I send thanks and eternal gratitude to all of my Sanctuary friends, not only have you helped make all that is Sanctuary possible, but your trust in the good of The Sanctuary has helped to create a trend towards compassionate living that extends far beyond our fences.

Scott Blais
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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