A Message From Rob

August 18, 2011

Dear fellow elephant lovers,

Since accepting the responsibilities of CEO of The Elephant Sanctuary last year, I have been constantly amazed at the beauty of the life our Girls are blessed to live here at The Sanctuary, and the unwavering commitment and generosity of our members and donors that enable them to do so. My intention has always been to be as open as possible and to keep you up to date on all new developments that affect The Sanctuary and the Girls.

All of us, you our supporters and we the Staff of the Sanctuary, are absorbing the news of Scott's pending departure – each dealing with this news in our own way.

I have always considered it a privilege to work with Scott from the first time I met him in 2002. The decision for him to leave comes after much discussion about the future of the Sanctuary and Scott's role as VP of Operations. We both believe that after 16 years of growth, new people are needed to carry The Sanctuary towards the next phase of development. This was discussed at length, with both of us exploring all aspects, and in the end this was truly a mutual decision with no hard feelings.

As always, the care and well being of our elephants will remain at the forefront of all Scott and I do during this transition. The 18 dedicated members of our Caregiver and Veterinary team will continue, as they have for years, to make the Girls' needs a priority above all else. The Sanctuary is in the process of hiring three new, highly qualified professionals not only to carry out Scott's many responsibilities but also to enhance and expand our elephant care program. We will announce the new directors over the next month. In the meantime, Scott will continue to work with us to ensure a seamless transition to the new team. We look forward to his continued contributions as a consultant to the organization, and as a valuable professional friend to The Sanctuary.

Scott's departure in no way diminishes the legacy of caring and advocating for captive elephants that he created through his work here. We are going to preserve that legacy and build on it into the future as we continue to provide a true Sanctuary which allows elephants to live their lives as elephants in a safe haven, with minimal intrusion.

The Sanctuary has been a beacon of hope to anyone working on the protection of captive elephants, and Scott will always be honored for his fundamental role in co-founding The Elephant Sanctuary and keeping it strong and vibrant through the years.



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