Welcome Center 2013 Calendar of Events

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Elephant Toy Story!

Enrichment for Elephants.
Join in the fun by:

  • Participating in activities for the whole family all day!
  • Playing with elephant "toys"
  • Watching videos of elephants at play during a Presentation at 2:30 pm

Dulary's Birthday Party!

Help us celebrate Dulary's 50th birthday with:

  • Hands-on Activities for the whole family all day!
  • Birthday cake serving at 2:00 pm
  • Caregiver presentation about Dulary at 2:30 pm

What Does an Elephant Eat?

Learn about elephants and their diets by:

  • Playing our elephant feeding game: helping prepare food for the elephants
  • Attending our Caregiver presentation about elephant nutrition at 2:30 pm

Shirley's Birthday Party!
Help us celebrate Shirley's
65th birthday with:

  • THURSDAY the 18th is KIDS DAY!
  • FRIDAY the 19th is MOVIE PREMIER!
  • SATURDAY the 20th: Hands On Activities for the whole family all day! Birthday cake will be served all day. Caregiver presentation about Shirley at 2:30 pm

Watersports - Staying Cool
People are not the only ones who like to play in water. Come see how elephants keep cool by:

  • Learning from the elephants* how to use your "trunk" to take a shower
  • Learning how elephants keep cool as you watch video of the Big Girls in their Watersports
  • Testing your "water squirting" skills


Visit The Welcome Center during the dates shown above, or during our regular operation hours to watch live, streaming video of the elephants in The Sanctuary, browse in our gift shop, or enjoy a photo exhibit of the elephants in our care.

Hours of Operation:
11 am - 4 pm Thursdays and Fridays and First and Third Saturdays each month in summer

*Visitors will not actually interact with live elephants.

To learn more about programming, call: 931-796-6500 x 101, or visit our website www.elephants.com