International Elephant Assistance Projects

Mobile Elephant Care

The Elephant Sanctuary has underwritten the cost to provide a vehicle to better assist the prompt response of veterinarians in the field. An email dated July 13, 2006 from Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma, said:

Dear Carol,
The vehicle has helped my work tremendously. Yesterday, a logging elephant had crushed her trunk very badly as it was smashed between two huge rocks. The accident happened up in the hill and it was raining heavily. On receipt of information, I reached at the spot as my vehicle took me right to the spot without any hassles. I could suture and correct the injury. The incident occurred in an area called Rani, some 50 km from my station.

A later email dated July 15, 2006 from Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma gave encouraging news about this elephant:

Dear Carol,
Thank you very much for your encouragement. I have again attended the cow today. One suture got a little loosened but the suture is still more or less holding on. I used No.2 Black braided silk, double threaded. The cow is using her trunk to drink water, fodder is being given directly into the mouth. The ration is being cooked and being made into boli and being administered directly. She will be alright.

Photos below show the new vehicle with some of the elephants who will benefit from having this resource in the field.

Vehicle provides quicker response

New vehicle provides quicker response