Sanctuary Much

To the students at Sabal Elementary School

Sabal Elementary School
1401 Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935-2099


Sabal Elementary StudentsMany of my speech/language students at Sabal Elementary participated in a fundraiser to raise money for the Elephant Sanctuary. Students from first through fifth grades gave presentations to various classrooms to inform students about the Elephant Sanctuary and share information about elephants. Following the presentations, "elephant tickets" were sold to Sabal Elementary faculty and staff. The winner of the "elephant ticket drawing" won an elephant sanctuary t-shirt featuring "Jenny."

The speech/language students really enjoyed the website and learned a great deal about elephants, compassion and love. A special "thanks" to your staff for the wonderful curriculum materials, website information and photos.

We are very happy to be donating $64.00 from the sale of our "elephant tickets". We hope that the money can be used to help purchase more sanctuary land for the elephants.

We wish all of you much continued success in your endeavors to help the Asian elephants. My class will continue to check in on the 'girls' by using your wonderful website.


Mrs. Campbell and "Class"

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