We are grateful for so many people who helped with
Shirley's retirement to the Sanctuary. In particular...

  • City officials of Monroe, LA
    Jake Yelerton : Director of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo
    Gary Miers : Public Relations Specialist
    Solomon James, Jr. : Shirley's keeper at the Zoo
    Gene Fitch Sr. : Solomon's supervisor

  • Chuck and Rise Pankow of Nashville, TN for providing, free of charge, a customized elephant trailer to transport Shirley.

  • Landstar Ligon, Inc. of Madisonville, KY, for providing, free of charge, a truck and driver, Wayne "Bam Bam" McCrary, to transport Shirley.

  • Landstar Ranger : trucking company (sister to Ligon)- donated the transportation of a semi truck load of Timothy hay, a year's supply for Shirley.

  • Our sincere thanks for public relations services donated by Gish, Sherwood and Friends.

  • PLA, Inc., Nashville, TN. Sent Shirley's press release on the wire nationally.

  • National Geographic filming at the sanctuary June 27-29 prior to Shirley's arrival.

  • ArgoFilms, which will be profiling both Shirley and Tarra in their one-hour documentary about elephants living under human care. The film is for National Geographic and PBS's Nature Series and is scheduled to be broadcast in the fall of 2000. Allison Argo, the film's director, has won numerous awards for her past films, including two National Emmy's. She is "thrilled about being given the opportunity to document Shirley's momentous move!"

  • Sign Language of Hohenwald created signage pro bono for Shirley's move.

  • Perry Honda of Hohenwald donated the use of a generator for circulating fans in Shirley's transport trailer.

  • Telalink, Inc. : Free internet and e-mail.

  • Learning Technology Center at Vanderbilt University : Loaned laptop computer.

  • BellSouth : donated the use of a cellular phone for the move.

  • Holiday Inn, Monroe, LA : offered a reduced room rate during Shirley's move preparation time.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car : Loaned rental car.

  • Tommy Haskins of Hohenwald : shuttle service for supplies for the move.

  • Joel Curry of Hohenwald : shuttle service.

  • McCartney's Produce : fruit basket for Shirley's arrival.

  • James Lumber Company of Hohenwald : 8" x 8" timbers for Shirley to use as a foot prop during travel.

  • Jeff Christian of Pulaski : Assisted in Shirley's transport.

  • Terry Williams of the Monroe Fire Department : donated pieces of fire hose to use as padding for Shirley's transport restraints.