*There are no live animals at this event.

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Shirley is Turning 65!

Our very own Shirley, the third oldest elephant in North America, is celebrating 65 amazing years in July 2013, and we want to invite you to help us celebrate. Although Shirley is the oldest elephant at The Sanctuary, she is also one of the most active. Caregivers often have to travel to the farthest reaches of the habitat to take her food.

A Birthday Gift for Shirley

Thanks to the overwhelming response from our loyal supporters and dedicated Shirley fans, we quickly met our goal of raising the funds for the purchase of the first new ATV to help provide food and supplies for Shirley, no matter how far she ventures into the habitat.

But we can’t stop there! We want to see how many candles we can put on Shirley’s cake.

In honor of your donation of $100, we will light a virtual candle on Shirley’s cake and put your donation towards a second ATV – the beginning of a fleet that will help us care for not just Shirley, but all of our Sanctuary residents. This second ATV will be named in memory of Jenny, Shirley’s first best friend and constant companion.

No birthday party would be complete without decorations. A $25 donation will add a virtual balloon to Shirley's celebration balloons! These donations will also go towards the second ATV while adding to the festivities for Shirley’s 65th birthday blowout.

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