Tange & Zula's Trip

Tange & Zula Trip

Moving an elephant requires a great deal of planning, a custom-designed trailer, as well as qualified drivers and caregivers to ensure a safe trip. Prior to the actual move, permits are acquired and, in the case of Tange and Zula, the elephants must be conditioned to enter the trailer of their own free will.

In conventional transport containers the elephant is chained by two legs to the floor of the trailer for the entire duration of the trip. The Elephant Sanctuary is chain-free both at home and on the road. Our unique trailer, which was donated by United Parcel Service, is designed to transport its elephant passengers chain-free. As an alternative to the antiquated and harmful practice of chaining, the Sanctuary's trailer is designed with a cage-like structure which allows the elephants to travel chain-free and assume normal posturing during transit. This trailer is the first of its kind, making the need for chaining obsolete.

In order to accommodate two elephant passengers, the trailer has been modified. An additional cage was fabricated, creating two separated and safe spaces inside the trailer. Tange and Zula will be transported in the same trailer but in their own separate space. Traveling together — being able to see, hear and touch each other, will help to keep Tange and Zula calm during the trip.

It is standard practice for the Sanctuary to hire a semi-tractor and professional driver to transport our precious cargo to the Sanctuary. A member of the Sanctuary staff helps to prepare the soon-to-be resident elephant and travels with the elephant for the duration of the trip.

Below is a list of expenses the Sanctuary incurred in order to transport Tange and Zula from Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Albany, Georgia to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Many Sanctuary supporters have underwritten some of the many costs associated with moving Tange and Zula.

Trailer Renovation to Accommodate Two Elephants
Steel materials   $2,200
Paint   $250
Spray gun rental (1 day) - underwritten by Lynda Jane Stanley, North York, Ontario Canada, January 2004   $85
General labor - pro bono John Rippetoe, Nov. 2003    
Labor / welding - pro bono Tony Snow, Nov. 2003    
Labor / painting - pro bono Ann Dwyer & Alyse Dwyer Masserano, Dec. 2003    
To Deliver the Trailer to the Zoo
Semi tractor rental to deliver trailer to zoo (1 day) — donated by Express ONE Trucking, January 2004   $100
Mileage (450 miles) — donated by Express ONE Trucking, January 2004 $ .10 per mile $45
Fuel — donated by Express ONE Trucking, January 2004   $115
Driver — pro bono Angie Lambert, January 2004   $405
Lodging for Sanctuary staff — underwritten by Barbara Anderson, January 2004  
Meal for Sanctuary staff — underwritten by Kathi Murray, January 2004  
Spare tire — $55 has been underwritten by Susan Carrick, January 2004.   $150
Department of Transportation required trailer inspection — Underwritten by Betsy Dodd of Nashville, TN, January 2004   $110
To Transport Elephants to the Sanctuary
TWRA permit to import elephants — underwritten by Carolyn Stalcup, January 2004 $10 each $20
Semi tractor rental to transport elephants to the Sanctuary — underwritten by Donna and Steve Walker of Defuniak Springs, Florida, January 2004   $100
Mileage (450 miles) - underwritten by Coreen Walker, Thornville, OH, January 2004  $ .10 per mile $45
Fuel - underwritten by Coreen Walker, Thornville, OH, January 2004   $115
Driver - pro bono Angie Lambert January 2004   $405
Fresh produce during trip - underwritten by Danielle Ellis, New Westminster B.C., January 2004   $35
Lodging for driver (1 night) — underwritten by Ginger Hays, January 2004   $55
Meals for Driver — underwritten by Barbara Borchardt, January 2004   $40
Lodging for Sanctuary staff (1 night) — underwritten by Susan Carrick, January 2004   $55
Meals for Sanctuary staff— underwritten by Carolyn J. McIntyre, January 2004   $40