Tina's Necropsy

Necropsy Results - 8/9/2004:

Tina arrived at the Sanctuary with severe chronic pododermatitis and degenerative osteoarthritis. She spent her year with us in hospice care. Upon her death a necropsy was performed. Samples of tissue, bone and organs were sent to the C.E. Kord Animal Disease Laboratory in Nashville, TN. The results were as follows:

The interventricular septum and left ventricular wall of Tina's heart were approximately 10X the thickness of the right ventricular wall. The right ventricular wall measured approximately 1cm in thickness. No gross lesions were evident in any of the samples; stomach, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, ovary, spleen or bladder. A nodule on her uterus was identified as a fibrous cyst. Foot lesions consisted of chronic active inflammation. Blood work done prior to her death indicated that Tina's LDH levels were elevated, which could be an indication of a heart problem.

Dr. Steven Scott, Tina's vet of record, concluded that the cause of Tina's death was a heart problem, very possibly a genetic defect.