Tina's Photo Gallery from Her Past

Baby Tina Gives a Ride
This photo of Tina was taken at the Vancouver Game Farm in the early 70s
by the mother of the front rider, three-year-old Shawn Moir.

Baby Tina gives a ride
Kirsi Kyllonen, an avid Tina fan, sent a photo of herself and two cousins, Eric and Norma, taking a ride on Tina. She remembers it to be 1973 or 1974. We were surprised to see the young Tina with riders on her back. Still a baby herself, Tina gave these three young children a thrill they never will forget.


Tina at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, 2003

Tina - up close


Tina with her vet
Tina and her veterinarian

Tina with the Staff and Veternarian at the Vancouver Zoo
The staff and veterinarian from the Vancouver Zoo with Tina


Tina's favorite treat
Tina's favorite treat


Preparing for a trunk wash
Prepping for Tina's trunk wash


Tina's foot gets checked
Sanctuary life will be just the ticket for Tina's sore feet