Winkie's Photo Album

Winkie meets Barbara
Winkie meets Barbara in the barn

Sissy and Winkie
Sissy and Winkie enjoying a sunny day

Sissy and Winkie
Sissy and Winkie have become great buddies


Winkie's first time in the "Big Pond" ~ 4/29/01 3:30 PM

Winkie trusts Scott so much that she is willing to try something that is a little scary. Under Scott's sensitive guidance Winkie slowly walks into the Big Pond. Although Winkie has been in a man-made pool, during her time in captivity she has not ventured into a mud bottom pond. She seemed to enjoy herself while Sissy watched from the bank.

Well, Scott's there... it must be O.K. does look nice!

Yes.... I think I will

I'm really going to do it