Barbara's Photo Album

Barbara in the field at the Sanctuary

Barbara up close
Long tall Barbara!

Barbara munches grass
Yummy grass
in the creek
A stroll in the creek

Barbara cools down
Barbara cools down on a hot summer day.

Barbara cools down
Enjoying a walk—Autumn, 1999

sitting down for awhile
I'm just going to sit here for awhile...
in the trees
Walk softly and carry a big stick!

Barbara in the barn. Feb. 2000
Barbara in the new barn—February 2000

'Sweater Girl'

Winter, 2000:
Barbara needed an extra layer to keep her warm in the cold Tennessee months, so Patagonia stepped in and donated over 60 yards of fleece and waterproof materials to make her a sweater. Janet Wilson of Nashville Draperies kindly donated her services to design and create the one-of-a-kind garment. Not only will Barbara keep warm this winter; she will also be walking the Sanctuary acres in style!

The final fitting.
It has to fit just right.

You're going to look great!
Doesn't she look terrific!

Janet Wilson is Barbara's personal designer!

Janet Wilson — Barbara's personal designer!
(Scott admires Barbara's new look)

Snuggly Warm Sweater
Barbara's sweater couldn't be better.

Many thanks to her special friends who made this possible!