The Curriculum

The Elephant Sanctuary has developed two units focusing on the study of elephants. One unit is appropriate for grades K–3; the second unit is appropriate for grades 4–8. The K–3 unit consists of 35 pages of background information for the teacher and learning activities for children. The curriculum for grades 4–8 consists of 72 pages of instruction, background information, charts and graphs, activities, etc. Areas of study including social studies, literature, math, and science, have been integrated into the units.

The units are in a pdf format and Adobe Reader is required to view the files. Acrobat is a wonderful program that allows a viewer to download files — complete with graphics!— onto a computer and then print the file. Even if the program has been created in a software program or with fonts that the viewer does not have, the file will still download intact!

The Elephant Curriculum units are available as free download:

Download the curriculum for grades K–3

Download the curriculum for grades 4–8

Teachers and parents may download a PDF document that has been specifically written as an accompanying guide for student discussion on the environmental needs of elephants. Interesting activities are included in this 4-page document. Download Guide to Environmental Needs of Elephants.

Please be patient with these downloads as there are a lot of graphics and pages in each file. However, we think these units of study are terrific, and we encourage interested teachers and parents to make them available for students.