Born: November 1963
Birthplace: Thailand
Birth status: wild born

Height: 8' 6"
Favorite Food: Sugar Cane

In India, "Dulary" is a term of endearment, intended for someone who is an object of great affection or love - it is often used in the context of a doting parent's love for their child.

She arrived at the Philadelphia Zoo in May of 1964, weighing only 300 pounds. She has lived with both African and Asian elephants most of her life.

In July 2005, she suffered an injury near her right eye during a shoving match instigated by an African elephant she had previously gotten along with. She's recovered completely from the injury and has sight in that eye. Since the injury, she's been housed next to, but not in with, the Africans, due to concerns that there could be additional negative interactions and potential for injury.

As you can see in the photo, Dulary loves the water. She's also very "talkative."

Dulary Loves the Water
    Photograph of Dulary courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo.

What a gem Dulary is! She has been steadily acclimating to her new environment, new elephants and new caregivers. She is independent but spends time with the other elephants, especially Misty and Tarra. She is a strong-willed, self-confident individual—all traits that make her a prime candidate for life at the Sanctuary. After only a month, she has begun to interact in a respectful way with her caregivers which is cause for celebration.