The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

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The Elephant Sanctuary must make every effort to raise a minimum of $ as a restricted donation to be set aside, in perpetuity, as an endowment for each rescued elephant. We will invest the principal, and the income will be used to provide daily feed and medical care for that individual elephant. As with any true endowment, only the income can be spent, with the principal being held in trust and invested to generate the necessary income to support the beneficiary of the endowment.

At this time, an endowment of $ will generate a sufficient yearly income stream to provide for one elephant adequately. We will increase the principal of each endowment periodically to ensure that the required income keeps up with the rate of inflation. When an endowed elephant passes away, the endowment stays intact to guarantee permanent residency for another elephant.

You may contribute to 's endowment by simply filling out the form below, and supplying your billing information on the following secure page.

If you wish to mail your contribution,
The Elephant Sanctuary
P.O. Box 393
Hohenwald, TN 38462

In order that your entire contribution supports we prefer US funds. We are charged a large fee to exchange foreign checks which means that a portion of your contribution is going to a bank, not . If you are not able to send US funds please feel free to send your donation in Canadian funds; it will be put to good use. Please know we appreciate your support and interest in 's life.

Contributions by Canadian citizens may be deductible for Canadian tax purposes under the US/Canada treaty. Please contact a Canadian tax professional to determine if your charitable deduction is deductible. Thank you for your support.