The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee



Born: 1957
Birth status: wild born

Height: 8'
Favorite Food: Broccoli


Liz was born in Asia in 1957. She shares a similar story with so many other circus elephants of her era: captured from the wild at a young age, separated from her family herd and shipped to America for training and endless traveling in the circus. In her early years she performed at Benson's Wild Animal Farm in New Hampshire along with Queenie, and in 1987 they were both purchased by the Hawthorn Corporation, where they spent the next nineteen years being leased out to circuses.

As a result of USDA prosecutions against the Hawthorn Corporation for violations of the Animal Welfare act involving inadequate care andmistreatment of its elephants, Liz was sent to The Elephant Sanctuary along with nearly all the other members of her circus herd.

On February 2, 2006, Liz became the eighteenth resident of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee arriving with Queenie. They were the third and forth of eight circus elephants to arrive in the "Caravan To Freedom" rescue. Years of being chained in Hawthorn's dark, poorly ventilated barn had taken its toll on Liz, who emerged from her transport trailer very thin and emaciated at only 6000 pounds. She had an infection between two toes on her right front foot and a raspy cough.

Sanctuary staff immediately went to work pampering Liz with soothing, daily foot soaks and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and high quality hay. Within months, Liz gained over 700 pounds and started to exhibit a much healthier glo!

While she was a bit solitary when she first arrived, Liz is now best friends with Frieda and Billie. Liz is cheerfully vocal, engaging and fearlessly adventurous. She runs surprisingly fast and has a most unique dialect. Affectionately dubbed "the puppy dog," Liz will follow a caregiver anywhere for an apple!

With freedom, good friends, plenty of fresh air, exercise and an endless bounty of food, Liz is improving every day—both emotionally and physically. We know Liz's presence and companionship has also made a world of difference in helping to heal her friends Frieda and Billie, too.