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14 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Elephants Could Do

These majestic animals are smarter than you think. For Save the Elephant Day on April 16, learn why they’re so important to their environment—and planet Earth itself.

As the largest land mammal, elephants put their extraordinary size and strength to good use, shaping the land around them to suit their needs—and other animals’ as well. “Elephants will use their tusks, their feet, and their trunks to dig ‘wallows’ that will fill with water from rainfall or from groundwater, and these waterholes become water sources for not only elephants but other animals that share the habitat,” says Todd Montgomery, outreach manager for The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. “The footpaths are created through repeated use and many elephant feet treading through.” One of our favorite interesting animal facts: elephant can’t jump.

Read more: https://www.rd.com/culture/amazing-things-elephants-can-do/ 

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