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By: Brad Hicks
From: Erwin Record

Erwin Elephant Revival returning

Following the Erwin Elephant Revival held in August 2016, Mary was no longer Erwin’s elephant in the room.

The event was held to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the Sept. 13, 1916, hanging of circus elephant Mary in an Erwin rail yard. The happening was also seen as a means to honor the memory of the departed pachyderm and erase the stigma that hung over Erwin for a century.

Activities held and memorabilia sold throughout the 2016 Erwin Elephant Revival raised funds for a refuge dedicated to providing care and habitat to captive elephants.

Despite the success of last year’s event, there were no initial plans for a second Erwin Elephant Revival. However, organizers could not ignore the mammoth response.

“We really just had no idea how well it would be received,” said Jamie Rice, president of RISE Erwin and communications specialist for the Town of Erwin. “We thought that we would do this 100-year anniversary for the event, but it just went so well and people just sort of grabbed ahold of it and couldn’t wait for the next one. So we were definitely encouraged by the success from last year to do it again this year.”

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