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From: Nashville Scene

Shirley, Tennessee’s 72-Year-Old Asian Elephant, Has Died

The aged pachyderm survived circuses, communist captivity and a ship fire before retiring to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee announced today that its eldest resident, a 72-year-old Asian elephant named Shirley, died on Monday morning. She was the second oldest elephant in North America.

According to the Hohenwald, Tenn., sanctuary, the care and veterinary teams had been closely monitoring the septuagenarian for the past several weeks and “began to observe gradual changes in her mobility and mentation. Many mornings when staff arrived at the barn, Shirley appeared bright, alert and responsive, but into the afternoon would show increased signs of weakness, fatigue and discomfort.”

"Jelly beans, a favorite treat, were offered with regularity recently," according to the sanctuary's memorial page for Shirley. "Knowing that Shirley loved all but the licorice-flavored beans, staff would carefully pick them out from the bunch."

Read more: https://www.nashvillescene.com/arts-culture/article/21146188/shirley-tennessees-72yearold-asian-elephant-has-died 

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