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By: Miriam Porter
From: Forbes

Watch Wild And Rescued Animals Live Via Webcam While Social Distancing

As a travel writer I typically write about the places, people and animals I have met around the world. But unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic it seems the world is on hold. Many of us are in self-isolation and we should all be social distancing from others. With literally millions of children out of school, including my son, school lessons as we know them have come to a halt, at least for now. Many parents and caregivers are finding creative ways to encourage their kids to keep learning and there is lots of information online if you are looking for lesson plans or unique ideas. As animal lovers we have watched live webcams of animals when my son was younger so I figured it was time to write about some of our favorites. If you want to turn this into a learning experience you can have kids research each animal and write about their habitats. Many of the links below will lead you to individual lesson plans and websites with more information about each species.

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/miriamporter/2020/03/20/watch-wild-and-rescued-animals-live-via-webcam-while-social-distancing/#79a8162539d8

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