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By: Carolyn Jones

After Difficult Lessons, Oakland Zoo a Leader in Elephant Welfare

San Francisco Chronicle

Oakland Zoo Elephant Osh

Osh the African elephant roams through his large habitat at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, Calif. on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014. The zoo has long opposed the use of bullhooks to manage its elephants in favor of a protected contact, large barricade system as well as using positive reinforcement..
Photo: Paul Chinn / The Chronicle
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It all started on a rainy morning in January 1991 in a barn in the Oakland hills, when Smoky, an African elephant, stomped to death a veteran keeper at the Oakland Zoo during a routine enclosure cleaning.

“It was no accident,” Dr. Joel Parrott, the zoo’s longtime director, said recently. “The elephant did that intentionally, and it wasn’t his fault. For us, that was an awakening. I think until that point we were all in denial.”

Like zoos everywhere, the Oakland Zoo’s elephants lived under harsh conditions that included chains, electrical shocks and sharp pokers called bullhooks intended to control Earth’s largest land animal. Across the country, several keepers a year died or suffered severe injuries as elephants occasionally fought back.

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