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By: Laurel Neme

Elephant Killings in Chad's Signature Park Cause Alarm

National Geographic

No elephant is safe.
Rampant poaching in Chad’s Zakouma park put its elephants under such stress that they stopped breeding. But with beefed up security, and no poaching deaths since 2012, more than 40 calves have been born. Last month, poachers killed the mothers of two of those babies. One was rescued but died; the other wasn’t found and is presumed dead.
Photography by Brent Stirton, National Geographic

A routine aerial surveillance flight over the western part of Chad’s Zakouma National Park has uncovered the deaths of two female elephants and their calves in what officials say is the first poaching incident there in more than three years.

The loss of any elephants in Zakouma, a 1,158-square-mile preserve in southern Chad not far from the border with Sudan and the Central African Republic, is particularly worrying because the park’s population—ravaged by poaching in the first decade of the 2000s, when the numbers fell from about 4,000 in 2006 to some 450 today—had finally stabilized.

Read more: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/09/150901-elephants-poaching-chad-zakouma-national-park-ivory/

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