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By: Bianca Sánchez
From: Smithsonian Magazine

The Complicated History of the Human and Elephant Relationship

With the new exhibition, “Game Change,” Smithsonian Libraries delves into 150 years of hunting and conservation

In summer of 1930, Mathieu de Brunhoff, age 4, of Paris, France, suffered a headache. To distract Mathieu from the pain, and her older son Laurent from his brother’s whining, Cécile de Brunhoff, thought up a bedtime story. Cécile told her boys of a grieving elephant, bemoaned by the sudden death of his mother at the hand of hunters. The poor elephant retreats from his jungle home, finding temporary solace in an unknown city. By happenstance, the elephant comes upon an abandoned purse—the contents of which he uses to buy a fancy new outfit before happily returning to the jungle.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/complicated-history-human-and-elephant-relationship-180970858/#eYX2ycOX6lR4mBF8.99

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