A Letter from CEO Rob Atkinson

September 24, 2012

Dear Friends,

I write to you today to let you know that I am leaving The Sanctuary, having resigned my position as its Chief Executive Officer.

It has been my privilege to serve The Sanctuary, its Board and staff and, above all, the elephants. I don’t want anyone to worry about the elephants – they truly are in the safest of hands. The team will make sure they are cared for forever in their Sanctuary home. I want to thank each and every one of the team for making The Sanctuary what it is.

In addition, I thank The Sanctuary’s Board for the great honor of appointing me as CEO. When I joined the staff in fall 2010, it was a time of great unrest. I’m thankful to the Board for allowing me to bring stability and dedicated experts to streamline each area of The Sanctuary’s activities. The Board has enabled me to incorporate even safer working practices, expand the veterinary program and enhance internal practices and relationships with external stakeholders.

I also want to thank the Board for their dedication to The Sanctuary, and for the unceasing hard work they have put in over many years. We are united in our support for The Sanctuary and our faith in the staff.

I believe The Sanctuary now moves forward from a stronger position than ever and it will look for someone to take The Sanctuary forward while upholding its core values.

Before I close, I also want to express my appreciation to all of The Sanctuary’s supporters, for keeping The Sanctuary dear to your hearts. Your commitment to the Girls has never ceased and I thank you deeply and humbly.


Dr. Rob Atkinson

Click here to read the official announcement from Janice Zeitlin, Chair of the Board.