Dr. Steven Scott, DVM

Imagine being the only large animal veterinarian in your county when you learn that an elephant sanctuary is moving into town. Dr. Steven Scott had just such an experience. A graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Scott admittedly knew nothing about elephants, but he was willing to learn.

Dr. Steven ScottSince 1995, Dr. Scott has provided his services and has proven to be a sound medical advisor for our elephants. In addition to the routine medical procedures of blood work and fecal analysis, Dr. Scott oversees annual trunk washes required by the USDA, takes x-rays, examines feet, tusks, teeth and any other body part necessary.

When Dr. Scott was requested to assist with the trunk washes, he was silent. Once we assured him that the caregivers would do the actual procedure of pouring sterile water into the elephant's trunk and then retrieving it, he looked quite relieved. Here he examines Bunny's pad. Her progress has been nothing short of life saving. When Bunny arrived in 1999 her prognosis was bleak. She had suffered from a debilitating foot disease for over 20 years, the same disease that kills three out of every 4 elephants that die in captivity. Fortunately, Bunny was moved to the Sanctuary which provides an environment that supported her recovery. In less than one year Bunny's feet had healed completely.

Dr. Scott was on hand when Jenny arrived at the Sanctuary in 1996. Like everyone, he was concerned with her injured leg. He participated in Barbara's tooth surgery, a first for all of us, including Barbara.

Dr. Scott checks Bunny's footWith his portable x-ray machine, he was able to take pictures of Bunny's jaw to evaluate the condition of an old abscess.

And when he made an emergency visit to the Sanctuary to examine a strange development on Tarra's bottom, we were prepared to hear the worst. With the seriousness of a surgeon, Dr. Scott examined Tarra's bottom, paused for a moment and stated, "She has a hemorrhoid." And, without the slightest hint of a smile, he recommended Preparation H. We all broke out into laughter.

But a very sad occasion brought Dr. Scott to the Sanctuary on May 19, 2001. No one close to Barbara, including Dr. Scott, was spared from the heartbreak when she passed away. He conducted her necropsy with sensitivity and reverence, which was greatly appreciated by all. In memory of Barbara, Dr. Scott generously waived his necropsy fee in Barbara's memory stating, "You are doing a good thing out here, a really good thing."

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