Shirley's Photo Album

First Photos

Shirley and Tarra were friends from the start!
July 6, 1999
Shirley and Tarra liked each other right from the start! Shirley showed Tarra all her injuries that she received when attacked by another elephant at the circus. Tarra sympathetically inspected each injury and the two elephants caressed each other with their trunks.


Fruits and Vegetables were waiting for Shirley.
Fruits and vegetables awaited Shirley when she entered the Sanctuary Barn. Cabbages, oranges, watermelon, squash... all sorts of yummy food to show Shirley how much we already loved her! Tarra squashed the watermelon, then helped herself to much of it.

It takes a Village to move an Elephant!
There are so many people to thank who contributed to Shirley's move. In this picture are friends from the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, drivers of the van, Argo Films and Sanctuary personnel.

Do I Really Want To Go Outside??
This series of pictures was taken after Shirley had rested several hours, met Tarra, eaten her veggies and watermelon, and relaxed under the cooling spray from the hose. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what Shirley would do when she realized she was free to roam the beautiful Sanctuary Valley. Photographers and friends had their cameras ready to document this most special occasion.

As you can see, Shirley was MOST cautious! These pictures were taken over two or three hours of waiting. It was very important that Shirley made the decision for herself as to when she was ready to go outside... so we waited and waited and waited!!!

Shirley takes a peek Hmmmmm.. I don't know about that...
Maybe I'll just take a few steps... Yeah! I'm gonna do it!!
Wow! This is huge. I'm going back inside for awhile. And then along came Jen


Watch a video of Shirley and Jenny's amazing reunion.