Gifts to the Sanctuary ~ 2016

Kelly Rosa   February 2016 - Thanks to Kelly, one of our Girls is getting a Pachyderm Pedicure! Kelly made this wonderful donation in honor of her friendship with Kimberly. Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!

Rachel Ooms   February 2016 - Ronnie received a Pachyderm Pedicure in honor of her 10 year anniversary at TES from all of her fans at 360i Atlanta! Many thanks to Rachel and friends at 360i Atlanta. We appreciate your support!

Lisa Green-Otero   February 2016 - Lisa, thanks for underwriting a Pachyderm Pedicure and fresh fruits and veggies for the Girls in honor of Rebecca Pancoast. We appreciate your support!!

Tara Loftus   February 2016 - Tara has donated two pachyderm pedicures in honor of John Lipscomb's birthday!! Happy Birthday, John for all of us at The Elephant Sanctuary! Thanks to Tara for your support to the Girls.

Mary Jane Lord   February 2016 - Assorted horse treats are on order for the Girls!! Thanks to Mary Jane for donating to this ongoing need.

Nancy E. Haskin   February 2016 - Nancy, thanks for underwriting a Wal-Mart gift card for the Girls!! We can always use these gift cards when picking up those spur of the moment items or unexpected needs.

Donna Thomason   February 2016 - Popcorn Pails, Gatorade, Probiotic Gel, Red Cell and a Pachyderm Pedicure...all are compliments of Donna!! Thank you, Donna, for your support of these ongoing needs!

Jo E. Bergholtz   February 2016 - Jo, thank you for your generous gift of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Girls in memory of your mother, Jo L. Bergholtz. We appreciate all you do for the Girls!!

Anonymous Donor   February 2016 - Thanks to the Anonymous Donor who donated one bottle of CoQ10 with Hawthorn Berry for our beautiful Shirley!! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Nathan & Kathy Brigger   February 2016 - Nathan and Kathy, your monthly donation is right on time to purchase Nolvasan Solution!! Thank you for your continued support.

Randy King, Michael Hesner   January 2016 - Barn Basics says it all... these are necessities for keeping our barns clean and running smoothly for the Girls. Thanks to Randy and Michael for donating to this ongoing need!! Michael, thank you for your additional contribution toward Seasonal Preparedness for the barns. Having these items, especially in the winter months, are a huge time-saver for our Caregivers.

Brenda Robertson   January 2016 - More assorted horse treats are on the way to the Girls, thanks to the generosity of Brenda! Yes, Brenda, we will be sure to share your treats with all of the Girls!! Thanks so much.

Walden's Puddle   January 2016 - A big THANK YOU to our friends at Walden's Puddle in Joelton, TN for your donation of watermelons to the Girls!! Thank you for your support and thanks for the good work that you do!

Rebecca Bromeland   January 2016 - A big THANKS to Rebecca for donating a Lowe's Gift Card to help us pick up items needed for the barns!! We are grateful for your support.

Barbara Osenni, Brian and Marie Racz   January 2016 - Many thanks to Barbara, Brian and Marie for underwriting fresh fruits and veggies for the Girls!! All of the Girls enjoy theses yummy treats.

Leslee Reed   January 2016 - Thanks to Leslee we will be purchasing some carrots and oats flavored horse treats for the Girls!! Leslee, we appreciate your support.

Roberta Willer   January 2016 - Barn Basics, Trash bags and a Pachyderm Pedicure are all items that Roberta helped us purchase with her generous donation to the Girls!! Thanks, Roberta!

Magda Kowalski, Jasmine Thompson   January 2016 - Magda and Jasmine made donations to help purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for the Girls!! Jasmine's donation is in memory of Tellus Jerome Colvin. Many thanks to both of you for your support!!

Leslie Walker, Carol Porsche   January 2016 - Thanks to Leslie and Carol for your donations to the General Medical Fund for the Girls!! Your support is very much appreciated.

Joylen Kent   January 2016 - Joy, thanks for bringing in the new year with a donation of three gallons of Red Cell for the Girls!! Thanks for all you do!

Angie Gibson   January 2016 - Angie, you sure know how to send your love to the Girls!! Thanks for underwriting a Pachyderm Pedicure, fresh fruits and veggies and assorted horse treats for them!

Mary Jo Hinton, Delores Kowalczyk   January 2016 - Mary Jo and Delores, a big thanks to both of you for donating to the Positive Reinforcement/Operant Conditioning Supplies!! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Mark Schell   January 2016 - Mark, thank you for your monthly donation to the General Medical Fund!! This fund has been set up to help with medical expenses that may arise for all of the Girls.

Richard Boner, Bonnie Volz   January 2016 - Many thanks to Richard and Bonnie for your ongoing commitment to underwrite Cosequin Equine Powder w/MSM for the Girls!! Your support is truly appreciated.

Nathan and Kathy Brigger   January 2016 - Just like clockwork... We received your monthly donation to underwrite Nolvasan Solution!! We appreciate your continued support of our wish list needs.

Agata Gos Mallory   January 2016 - Agata, thanks for underwriting butterscotch flavored Horse Treats for the Girls!! You can't go wrong with horse treats.

Sheila Sweeney, Valerie Marini   January 2016 - Sheila and Valerie... thanks to both of you for underwriting "Seasonal Preparedness" for the barns!! Your support helps us purchase much-needed items for the winter months to keep things running smoothly.

Bella Pacheco   January 2016 - Thank you, Bella, for donating to Barn Basics!! This is a fund that has been set up to help us purchase the basic everyday needs for the barns. Your help is appreciated.

Patty Forecast   January 2016 - Patty, thanks for making a donation through our Wish List Blitz!! Your contribution will help us purchase a supplement that all the Girls receive...Cosequin Equine Powder w/MSM. Thanks so much!!

Jennifer O'Brien, Glenn Felner   January 2016 - Many thanks to Jennifer and Glenn for your donations toward the Rubber Flaps for Doors at Asia and Q Barn!! With your help, these flaps have been completely underwritten.

Philip Hoffman   January 2016 - Philip, thank you for contributing to the Honda Rubicon ATV!! ATVs are a vital mode of transportation around The Sanctuary. Your support is appreciated!

Dr. Mitchell Greenberg and Easton Veterinary Clinic   January 2016 - We would like to give a shout out to Dr. Greenberg and Easton Veterinary Clinic for donating four gallons of Envirocide disinfectant!! Thank you for your support!

Kerri Messinger   January 2016 - Kerri, you are our first wish list donor for 2016! Thanks so much for underwriting a Wal-Mart gift card...a handy thing to have for picking up those unexpected items for the Girls or the barns!!