Gifts to the Sanctuary ~ 2015

Heidi Cahill   February 2015 - Heidi, thanks for underwriting peanut butter for the Girls!! They all enjoy this tasty treat. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Valerie Marini   February 2015 - Yay, Valerie!! Thanks for underwriting the remaining pair of Forest Chaps needed for our Caregivers. They will be very happy to get these. Thanks for all you do!!

Sharmon Hoff   February 2015 - Sharmon, thanks so much for making a donation to Liz's General Medical Fund and underwriting assorted horse treats for the Girls in honor of Caron Williams!! We appreciate your help!

Donna Knieriem   February 2015 - Donna, our ATVs are vital in the day to day operations and care of the Girls. Caregivers use the ATVs when traveling throughout the habitat and just like any vehicle, tires wear out and need to be replaced. Thank you for helping with this ongoing need!!

Sara Sansone   February 2015 - Sara, thank you for underwriting fresh fruits and vegetables-- always a popular item with the Girls!! Your support is truly appreciated.

Malissa Vavra   February 2015 - Thank you, Malissa, for underwriting fresh fruit for Tarra in honor of her birthday!! Rest assured, she will receive some tasty treats for her birthday.

Brenda Robertson   February 2015 - Brenda, thanks so much for underwriting all of these yummy treats for the Girls: popcorn pails, peanut butter, molasses and carrots & oats flavored horse treats!! We appreciate your support!

Sandra Cumming, Vickie Carr   February 2015 - Sandra and Vickie, thanks to both of you for underwriting assorted horse treats for the Girls. Everybody likes to have a few treats now and then! Vickie, as you requested, we will be sure Frieda receives some apple flavored treats with your donation. Thank you, Ladies!!!

Linda Rice   February 2015 - Linda, thank you so much for your incredible gift in memory of your mother, Dorothy Heffron. Please know that your support will help purchase Elecare Supplements and Supplies for the Girls. Welcome to The Elephant Sanctuary Herd!

Anonymous Donor   February 2015 - We received another fantastic donation from our Anonymous donor to underwrite assorted horse treats for the Girls plus a contribution to Liz's General Medical Fund!! Thanks for all you do!!

Kim Love   February 2015 - Kim, thank you very much for underwriting a Wal-Mart gift card!! We always have those days when something is an immediate need and these gift cards make it easy to pick up odds and ends at our local Wal-Mart. Thanks for your support!!

Anonymous Donor   February 2015 - A big THANKS to our Anonymous Donor for underwriting Peanut Butter and two Pachyderm Pedicures for the Girls!! These are perfect gifts to the Girls.

Teresa Foley, Nancy Towns   February 2015 - WooHoo!!! Many thanks to Teresa and Nancy for coming thru for our Caregivers with your generous donations to purchase Forest Chaps!! Our Caregivers send their appreciation.

Amy Westercamp, Joan L. Jones   February 2015 - Looks like two more Girls are up for "Pachyderm Pedicures"!! Amy and Joan, thanks to both of you for your wonderful donations. Your gifts help us purchase foot care supplies for the Girls!

Tami Kirkhuff   February 2015 - Tami, thanks a bunch for underwriting Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent, Simple Green and Quick Disconnect Sets for Garden Hoses!! This is wonderful!

Diane Pansky, Kay Robb   February 2015 - Another order of fresh fruits and veggies are on the way!! Thank you, Diane and Kay, for underwriting tasty produce for the Girls. Your support is greatly appreciated!!

Julie Kirkpatrick, Leslie Buck, Jenna Brown, Dorit Ben-Dror, Lori Stevens, Jennifer Eastlack, Marrgo Ford, Marie Grauerholz, Jean Van Duesen, Bea Slingsby, Theresa LoBue, Marilynn Robinson, Denise Simone, Alexandra Evans, Kathy Shimata, Julie Blair, Judith Gill, Erika Dickey, Linda Murphy, Patricia Fischer, Janice Stephens, Edward Sandler, Judith Kitchen, Susan Watson, Geraldine Nuzzo, Joan MacDonnell, Renee Tyszko, Jeanmarie McInerney, Margaret Cunningham, Linda Pierce, Diane Mercadanta   February 2015 - Love is definitely in the air at The Elephant Sanctuary as the donations keep pouring in for assorted horse treats! The Girls are going to have a nice variety and lots and lots of treats for Valentine's Day. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to each and every one of you and a special THANKS for your expressions of kindness to the Girls!! You are amazing!

Laura Martinez   February 2015 - Laura, thanks for your excellent choices from our wish list!! We greatly appreciate the 4 gallons of Red Cell, not to mention the assorted horse treats for the Girls on Valentine's Day!

Jennifer Chew   February 2015 - Jennifer, thanks for stepping up with a donation toward the much-needed Forest Chaps for our Caregivers!! A special thanks for the Pachyderm Pedicure, and of course, butterscotch and molasses flavored horse treats in honor of the Girls for Valentine's Day!!

David Hayes, Karen Smith   February 2015 - David and Karen, thanks to both of you for underwriting mangoes and assorted horse treats in honor of the Girls for Valentine's Day!! What a sweet treat for them. Thanks so much!

Katarzyna Plona   February 2015 - Many thanks to Katarzyna for underwriting two Pachyderm Pedicures for the Girls!! These pedicures help us purchase all the supplies we need to provide foot care to the Girls.

Diane Roth   February 2015 - Diane, thanks so much for underwriting assorted horse treats in honor of the Girls for Valentine's Day and a HUGE THANKS for underwriting one pair of the Forest Chaps for our Caregivers!! Your help with this urgent need is greatly appreciated.

Judy Gehrig, Elisabeth Emanuel, Jenna Wells, Karen Plantz, Sheila Taylor, Mary Budd, Lois Angeletti, Myra Smith, Ellen Scovotti, Michelle Braconnier, Annemarie Williams and Son, Karen Boone, Debbie Curtis, Susan Morgan, Mary Bezdek, Bryan Helminski, Chris Shea, Noelle Olmstead, Lori Steward, Nicole Steward and Diane Sheehan   February 2015 - Oh my goodness!!! Talk about sharing the all certainly know how it's done! A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who responded to our Valentine's Day promotion by underwriting assorted horse treats as a special Valentine's Day gift to the Girls. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Vincent Matthew, Richard Bell   February 2015 - Vincent and Richard, thanks so much for donating to Liz's General Medical Fund!! Your support is truly appreciated.

Alice Bray   February 2015 - Coming right up! More juicy, fresh fruits and vegetables for the Girls. A big thanks to Alice for your generous contribution to underwrite this ongoing need.

Merleene Watson   February 2015 - Merleene, thanks for underwriting treats for the Girls -- popcorn pails, fresh fruits and veggies!! These are definitely popular treats with the Girls.

Kris Russell   February 2015 - Kris, thanks for donating a Tractor Supply gift card!! We are always picking up supplies at TSC so your donation will be a big help. Thanks again!

Liz Schuyler   February 2015 - Liz, thank you for your fabulous gift to Lizzie's General Medical Fund!! We are truly grateful for your help with this need.

Nathan & Kathleen Brigger   February 2015 - Nathan and Kathleen, thank you for your monthly contribution to underwrite Nolvasan disinfectant. We appreciate all you do for the Girls!!

Fran Kowalewski   January 2015 - Apple flavored horse treats are on the way for the Girls!! Thanks to Fran for underwriting these special treats!

Courtney Alvey   January 2015 - Thank you, Courtney, for underwriting Quick Disconnect Sets for garden hoses and trash bags for the barns!! We can always use help with these items. Thanks, again!

Rebecca Tungate   January 2015 - Rebecca and James, thanks for your awesome donations to underwrite mangoes for Winkie!! Thanks for helping out with this need.

Valerie Marini   January 2015 - Valerie, thanks for kicking off the new year with your donation to help underwrite the Honda Rubicon ATV for Caregivers!! We appreciate you so much!

Cheryl DiBiase   January 2015 - A big THANKS to Cheryl for underwriting assorted horse treats for the Girls and for donating to Liz's General Medical Fund!! We appreciate your support!

Robin Ward   January 2015 - Thank you, Robin, for underwriting fresh fruits and veggies for the Girls!! You can't go wrong with this wish list item -- all the Girls enjoy their produce!

B&G Foods   January 2015 - A big shout out or better yet, trumpets from the Girls to our friends at B&G Foods for your latest donation to TES...48 five-gallon pails of Grandma's Molasses!!! This is a huge help to TES. Thanks for all you do!

Haoran Hu   January 2015 - Oh my goodness!!! Haoran, your gift is simply wonderful...thanks so much for your very generous Wal-Mart gift card donation. It is truly appreciated!

Claire Williams   January 2015 - Thank you, Claire!! The Girls certainly enjoy finding these yummy treats in their enrichment toys. Thanks for underwriting Popcorn Pails for them!

Sandra Munger   January 2015 - Sandra, thanks so much for donating the Wal-Mart gift card!! A special thanks for the nice letter you included with this donation. We are thrilled to have you as a new supporter!

Nancy Haskin   January 2015 - Nancy, thanks so much for underwriting a carton of trash bags for the barns!! This isn't one of the more attractive items on our wish list, but it is a necessity and greatly appreciated.

Marsha Silva   January 2015 - Thank you, Marsha, for underwriting Xacto carving routers and handles for the Girls' foot care and a special thanks for underwriting apple, carrots and oats flavored treats!! These are always a hit with the Girls.

Dena Mastrangelo   January 2015 - Looks like Billie is up for a "Pachyderm Pedicure" thanks to Dena's generous donation!! Dena, we really appreciate your support!

Mary M. Carter   January 2015 - Thank you, Mary!! We really appreciate your donation of a 90 watt LED dimmable light bulb and 3 gallons of Simple Green. All of these items will be very useful around the barns!

Tara Moreland   January 2015 - Thank you, Tara, for underwriting Peanut Butter for the Girls!! This is a staple item at the barns for enrichment, giving supplements or just a tasty treat. Thanks for your help!

Shirley Baker   January 2015 - WooHoo!! We are off to a great start on funds needed to purchase a Mobile Veterinary Clinic for our Vet Care team. Shirley, thanks for stepping up as the first contributor to this need. You made my day when I saw this donation!!

Beryl and Joseph Panzarino   January 2015 - Beryl and Joseph, thanks so much for donating a case of assorted Navel Oranges, Apples and Pears for the Girls!! I always know who this gift is from before I open it! Thank you for remembering the Girls with these yummy treats each year.

Victoria Behnke   January 2015 - Victoria, thanks for underwriting apple flavored horse treats for the Girls and two boxes of mangoes for Winkie!! Your support is truly appreciated.

Emily Stroop   January 2015 - Thank you, Emily, for donating to Liz's General Medical Fund and underwriting a Pachyderm Pedicure...two great wish list needs!! We appreciate your support.

Nicholas Shashko   January 2015 - Hats off to 9 year old Nicholas!! Instead of using his allowance money to buy something for himself, he used it to purchase mangoes for Winkie! What a wonderful thing you have done, Nicholas. Thank you so very much!!

Anonymous Donor   January 2015 - Many thanks to our faithful Anonymous Donor for your contribution to Liz's Medical Fund and two Pachyderm Pedicures!! This is great!

Susan Olsen   January 2015 - Thank you, Susan, for donating a Wal-Mart gift card!! These cards are always appreciated and are handy to have around for those unexpected needs.

Robin Tucker   January 2015 - Robin, thanks so much for supporting our efforts to be more energy efficient by donating six packs of Cree light bulbs!! Your support is truly appreciated.

Hannelore Richardson   January 2015 - Looks like Miss Shirley will be eating lots of yummy apples...thanks to Hannelore!! This is a wonderful donation to Shirley. Thanks, Hannelore!

Nathan and Kathleen Brigger   January 2015 - Many thanks to Nathan and Kathleen for your ongoing support to underwrite Nolvasan Solution for the barns!! We appreciate all you do!

Jamie Grimm   January 2015 - One Pachyderm Pedicure coming right up for Miss Flora!! Thanks to Jamie for underwriting the supplies needed to provide these pedicures.

Lindsay Pulido   January 2015 - Wow, Lindsay!! Thanks for underwriting Probiotic Gel, a Wal-Mart gift card and peppermint flavored horse treats for the Girls! We appreciate your support.

Bob O'Malley   January 2015 - Simply wonderful!!!! Bob, the Girls will receive a lot of juicy produce and veggies with your generous donation. Thanks so much for supporting this need.

MacKenzi Lozano, Jenifer Lovelace, Christopher Holliday, Ann Markham, Marie Racz   January 2015 - Who wouldn't enjoy a little pampering with a nice foot soak and pedicure? MacKenzi, Jenifer, Christopher, Ann and Marie...thanks so much for underwriting Pachyderm Pedicures for the Girls!! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wanda Blomberg   January 2015 - Wanda, thanks for underwriting assorted horse treats, fresh fruits and veggies for Shirley and her friends!! We will be sure they enjoy some of their favorites.

Donald Shockey, Suzan Spencer, John & Loretta Sanna, Melissa Beesley   January 2015 - Donald, Suzan, John, Loretta and Melissa...thanks so much for donating to Liz's General Medical Fund!! We are grateful for your generous support of this ongoing need.

Jeanie Johnson, Rick Holding, E. Michael Wilson, George Maltese, Leticia Guerra   January 2015 - Here come the fresh fruits and veggies for the Girls!! Many thanks to Jeanie, Rick, E. Michael, George and Leticia for your wonderful donations to purchase yummy produce treats. Your support is very much appreciated!

Bette Ray, Brittany Staudenmaier, Jessica Titus, Monica Gaidhane   January 2015 - Bette, Brittany, Jessica and Monica purchased boxes of mangoes for Miss Winkie!! Thank you, Ladies, for underwriting this yummy treat for Winks.

Marine Schweitzer   January 2015 - Marie's contribution for the new year helped to underwrite CoQ10 with Hawthorn Berry and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Girls!! Thank you, Marie!

Bruce Linton   January 2015 - Our first wish list donation in the new year... a Lowe's gift card underwritten by Bruce!! Thanks Bruce, for your support of this ongoing need.