Tina's Diary ~ November 2003

November 30, 2003

Tina, Jenny, and Bunny in the barn



Tina, Jenny, and Bunny

Although Tina is spending much of her time indoors while her feet continue to heal, she spends all night with the other elephants. We encourage her to get out and walk around which she does. She does walk a little inside the barn and every other day or so she takes a walk around the block; out one door, around the side of the barn and back in another door. It is not much, but better than no walking at all. As soon as her feet are healthy we are sure to see much more activity out of her.




November 27, 2003

Tina has been spending all her time with the other elephants, including Bunny. Although Tina and Bunny are in the barn together they have not yet touched. They are content to watch each other from across the room. It is curious that they both feel secure enough to share their barn space with another even though they have not formally met. Both are relaxed and comfortable but have not approached the other. It is only a matter of time.

Tina with Bunny in the Background
Bunny (in the background) and Tina have not "formally met" but both are
relaxed and comfortable sharing the same barn.

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November 24, 2003

Tina is doing very well. She is spending some time outside the barn doors and even wanders up and down the alley behind the barn in the evenings. Tonight she decided a mud bath would be good for her and the barn walls. She made a mammoth size muddy mess of everything and had a blast doing it. Tina is spending each night with all of the other elephants. Bunny is coming in the barn at night but she has not yet wandered over to Tina's area of the barn and Tina has not ventured over to Bunny. Maybe in a few days.

Doing fine!
Jenny and Tina

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November 18, 2003

Tina continues to make us thankful for her recovery. She is playful and has been spending a great deal of time outside at night. Thank goodness for the mild weather. The temperature has been in the high 50s overnight which is wonderful camping-out weather for elephants. Tonight Tina spent most her time exploring the back alley, not surprising since Jenny, Shirley, Bunny and Tarra were up the hill behind the barn. Tina could see, smell and hear them as they foraged in the woods. After a while she decided to take a walk in the woods herself. It appeared that she would take the path up the hill to join the other elephants but after a few steps up the steep incline she changed her mind. If it had not been for her sore feet there is not doubt that she would have joined the herd. Instead she backed down the hill and explored around the wild persimmon tree to see if the flying squirrels had left any fruit for an ele-midnight snack. Another glorious night outside under the stars. 

Tina outside at night
Tina enjoys the warm nights
Tina outside at night
Except for sore feet,
she would be out with her friends
Exploring at night
Exploring around the wild persimmon tree
In the alley beside the barn

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Nov. 16, 2003

What a great day! Tina played with her favorite toys inside the barn and discovered a few new ones. She found a mud puddle outside the barn door and splattered herself with a fresh covering of mud. After the sun set and the other girls were on their way in from the habitat, Tina surprised all of us by taking a walk outside around the barn. Finally she spent nearly all night outside in the "back alley" nibbling on vegetation and enjoying the balmy weather. Good for Tina!

Having fun
Having fun


Favorite playthings Favorite playthings



A nice night out
Enjoying the balmy weather

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Nov. 13, 2003

Tina had a very busy day. Several hundred students from British Columbia visited with her this morning. She was the star attraction of a cross-country video teleconference visit.

Read the Press Release.

Nov. 9, 2003

Tina napping






11:30 am CT
One of Tina's caregivers caught her napping and could not resist taking a picture.





Waiting for her friendsMany of Tina's supporters have written to ask about her feet. We are pleased to report that Tina is responding well to ;her treatment and medications which have helped her feet heal and kept her pain free. Over the past two weeks there has been only one day when Tina appeared stressed and preoccupied by her feet. We changed her medication and saw an immediate response. Our goal is to support her as she heals. Tina is smart, she has chosen to remain inside. This is a wise decision because when she goes outside she scrapes her tender feet, opening up the wound. By remaining inside she is allowing her feet recover.

During the day Tina keeps herself entertained with the variety of toys donated by her many loyal supporters. Once the sun sets, she is joined by her family. It is wonderful to watch as her family ;returns to the barn for the night. Everyone announces their arrival with squeaks, chirps, trumpets and rumbles and Tina joins right in. She is definitely a member of the herd now. They all share the same space and get along without a concern. Jenny, Sissy& and Tarra are most attracted to Tina but Shirley and Winkie are interested as well. Bunny still has not returned to the barn for the night so she and Tina have not met. What an event that will be.

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Nov. 7, 2003

A new toy arrived today. What a week this has been—just like Christmas! This toy was a surprise; it was not on our list. Tina did her toy test and the "Amazing Graze" passed! It is ele-proof.

Tina and Amazing Graze
Tina with "Amazing Graze"

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Nov. 6, 2003

Tonight Tina was anxiously waiting as Jenny and Tarra returned to the barn. It was obvious because Tina was staring in the direction of the habitat for nearly an hour before her new family came home. It was very cute to watch as Tina chirped, Tarra barked and Jenny did her signature pop-pop-pop with the end of her trunk on the floor. Jenny and Tarra glided right up to Tina, on either side. Tina seemed so pleased to have the company. For the next four hours they played, ate and shared each other's company. Tina does not bob at all when she is in the company of the other elephants. We are so happy for her.

Jenny, Tina and Tarra
Jenny, Tina, and Tarra
Hello, Tina (says Jenny)
Jen gives Tina a friendly pat

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Nov. 5, 2003

Tina became our official "Pasture Pal" tester today. She had a blast! The toy was filled with grain and Tina spent more than an hour making sure she removed every last grain.

First she swished it. There are few toys that can remain intact under an elephant's weight, so the fact that this toy squished under pressure was no surprise. The test is to see if the elephant loses interest once the toy loses it shape. No problem for Tina—she found it to be quite entertaining.

When she squished the Pasture Pal the cap popped off. Tina liked this since more grain came out than the design intends. Tina quickly learned that if she picked up the toy and dropped it, grain would come out. Also she found that she could hold it in her mouth and suck the grain out.

The Pasture Pal passed the Tina Toy Test. A big thank you to all of our ele-fans who have sent many toys over the past week. The elephants will be kept entertained over the winter months.

Tina starts the squish test
Tina starts the squish test

Test 2
Test 2

test 3
Test 3


test 4
Test 4

The ele-toy passes the Tina test
Passed the Tina Toy Test!

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Nov. 2, 2003

The elephants are settling in with a new Fall routine. Each evening Jenny joins Sissy, Winkie, Tarra and Tina in the barn for the 10:30pm feeding. Shirley and Bunny prefer to remain outside, not far from the barn. Jenny, Tarra and Tina are now quite comfortable sharing their barn space. Tonight Jenny and Tina spent several hours together. Tina was so relaxed that she played with her barrel as Jenny hung out close by. At one point Jenny was leaning gently on Tina as she played. The more time they spend together the sooner they will become bonded.

All together
All together
Playing with Jenny
Jenny leans gently on Tina as Tina plays
Jenny and Tina
Jenny and Tina
Jenny and Tina
Tina is comfortable with Jenny
Reaching out
Jenny reaches out ...
reinforcing friendship
... in friendship

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