International Outreach

The Elephant Sanctuary is not alone in its vision of a better world for all elephants through improved welfare and a commitment to conservation. The Sanctuary is excited to partner with like-minded organizations in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, all working in their respective regions to improve the lives of elephants in captivity and protect the lives of elephants in the wild. Thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary Board of Directors, and with generous support from the Mark Hopkins Schell Trust and the Janet M. Johnston Foundation, funding is made available for projects dedicated to elephant conservation, field research, education, and welfare.

2023 Collaborations


ElephantVoices – Kenya
To continue research, fieldwork in Amboseli National Park, and further development of searchable database, The Elephant Ethogram: A Library of African Elephant Behavior, documenting the complex and diverse repertoire of African savanna elephant behavior and communication.

Elephants Without Borders — Botswana
For focus on human-elephant conflict within communities of northern Botswana and field work supplementing waterholes for elephants and other wildlife.  

Stellenbosch University — South Africa
To support ongoing research to improve the health and welfare of African elephants.

Utopia Scientific / Caitlin O’Connell / African Elephant Society — Namibia
For elephant field study in Etosha National Park, gathering data on elephant behaviors, family hierarchies, and relationships of male elephants. 

Working Dogs for Conservation — Nigeria
To support field work with canine teams to rapidly identify, track, and stop poachers in elephant range countries.


Animals Asia Foundation — Vietnam
To expand the model for ethical tourism program, removing elephants from elephant riding tourism and developing opportunities for freedom to roam in Dak Lak province. 

Wild Welfare — Malaysia
To support fieldwork, education, and elephant staff training in protected contact for improved care and wellbeing of captive Bornean elephants at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah. 

Wildlife SOS — India
To continue the Chhattisgarh Elephant Safety Project work for better understanding of herd movements, the mitigation of human-elephant conflict, and the protection of wild elephants.


Elephant Haven— France 
To assist with the purchase of equipment for maintaining and preparing land that will provide more space and accommodate elephants in need of sanctuary. 


Global Sanctuary for Elephants — Brazil
For support of expanding facilities for refuge, rehabilitation, and lifetime care of captive African elephants in South America.

For information on previous years' international outreach, read more here.