Edie and Nosey Share Enrichment

The Sanctuary has recently experienced some snowy winter weather, which doesn't happen often in Middle Tennessee. During such weather, the elephants will often choose to spend their time inside their heated barns.

In preparation for cooler temperatures, Care Staff create enrichment items to help keep the elephants entertained and engaged indoors until they are ready to venture outside. Edie recently opted to try out an enrichment creation ahead of schedule before the snow arrived. She placed a large net, stuffed with hay by Caregivers, on her back as she roamed the habitat. Nosey took it upon herself to reach up and gather some of the tasty hay that Edie had draped across her back, with Edie showing no reaction to Nosey munching on the remaining hay snacks.

Nosey and Edie not only engage in positive interactions within their shared habitat space but also share a barrier in the barn. Care Staff have observed them seizing the opportunity to interact overnight, especially when outdoor foraging loses its allure due to chilly temperatures!

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