Edie Mudding

Edie, who recently came to The Sanctuary from Zoo Knoxville, has continued to explore and acclimate to her new home. Care Staff recently captured Edie embracing Tennessee's milder, yet rainy winter.

Edie's adaptive spirit shined through as she discovered a small wallow close to the fence line, thanks to the consistent rain showers. Rather than shying away from the damp conditions, Edie has chosen to make the most out of this natural mud bath, a behavior that is not only good for the elephant's skin but also warms the hearts of Staff!

Edie gracefully eased herself into the soft, squishy mud before engaging in playful splashing, creating quite the spectacle.

While we've all been charmed by Edie's mudding adventures, we recognize the significance of Edie's ability to adapt to her surroundings and express her natural behaviors.

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