Born in the wilds of Africa in 1983, Edie was captured and relocated to the United States as a young calf. After spending over a decade as the sole elephant on exhibit and providing rides at a Texas youth camp, she moved to Zoo Knoxville in 2002. There she joined African female Jana and African male Tonka.

In 2022, Zoo Knoxville announced their decision to transfer Edie, Jana, and Tonka as part of their commitment to lifetime care and to ensure their health and social needs would be met through the later stages of their lives. Edie was the second of Zoo Knoxville’s elephants to move to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Jana, a 43-year-old female, was the first of their herd to move in May 2023. Sadly, Jana suffered from an acute health decline that resulted in her passing in October of that same year.

Edie joined The Elephant Sanctuary as its 33rd resident on November 16, 2023. She resides at the Asia Barn and Habitat with African elephant Nosey and Asian elephant Sissy.

Edie boasts a weight of 9,300 pounds and a towering height of eight feet tall. Recognizable by a distinct scar on her left hip and characterized by her stocky yet symmetrical tusks, Edie is known for her quick movements and unique gait – an exaggerated walk that involves raising her left front leg high and swinging it across to the right. Additionally, she frequently exhibits the unique behavior of standing with her hind legs crossed.

Edie, a sociable elephant, frequently engages with her companions and enjoys foraging in her habitat. As an active participant in her health care and training, Edie's Care Staff make note of her special preference for red and green grapes!


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November 16, 2023


Asia Habitat



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